How To Actually Harness Benefits of Reading Non-Fiction

Most people have probably been told that succesful people read a lot of books. There is a popular, “Readers are leaders” adage to add to an army of quotes that encourage the practice of reading.

However regardless that many people have read 48 Laws of Power, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad and many other thought provoking titles it’s not hard to see that few have applied what was taught.

For the most part, people can win debates and use key points and quotes, yet there is no solid transformation from the books reflected in how they live.

This one applies for the Bible as well.

Why is this?

Well reading the highway code or how cars are driven is a far cry from actually driving one. Likewise you do not become a star like Christiano Ronaldo by merely reading soccer techniques but not getting into the field.

You have to actually play the game.

So let me get into an actual step by step process I am still discovering and perfecting in my own life to be able to write, animate, draw, rap and illustrate.

Read In Chunks – Practice in Chunks

When I was in School, we would learn a new Math concept by reading. The teacher would then demonstrate some problems, then he would allow us to try.

The first ones were usually easy and almost everyone would get the concept. Then we’d start to get harder and harder problems in the specific topic.

This is where we would start losing marks.

We would move to next topic after having a fair grasp of the previous.

Likewise. It’s good to read for instance 48 Laws of Power, but in reality you’ll do more progress practically learning each law than just knowing the 48 by head but failing to use them.

Accept That You Will Fail

Whilst attacking the Math problems for a given topic, I would get stuck with some complex problems & do the wrong working.

So even as you chunk to focus on one aspect of a book at a time, go out there and practice it from different scenarios.

If you are easily satisfied by success in one example you will miss a lot of learning curves in that subject. Problems in a given topic will always vary in the way they must be attacked.

This is why getting to Chapter 3, before grasping Chapter 1 in practice merely makes you a talker.

I could have still been reading up “how to start a webcomic” but as I fail and take criticism from actually making one. I actively learn the unique solutions that some books may not have.

In other cases something I may have taken for granted in an earlier chapter begins to make sense.

Teach it

Yes if you have grasped the concept of something share and teach about. You will be questioned when you teach but the way you respond reflects to you how much you now know.

Sometimes you will realize that you still have gaps. Sometimes you will realize that you are now confident in whatever it is.

Overall the idea us to have a positive attitude even when people ask as if to test you.

To whom much is given much is tested.

Revise it After Some Time

When I was 22 I read certain books which I thought I had understood.

6 years later I revisited the material & realized many things I had missed.

I also saw some information I had been skeptical about or naive about in the book and realized that I had seen the truth in it in the 6 years.

Nowadays whether it is a sermon, book or tutorial. I revise the material after tonnes of practice.

Mix it up with missing perspectives

Almost every book is written from the perspectives the author explored. They have common truths and generalization but sometimes they miss alternative situation.

For example a book may give relationship advice applicable to couples that live in proximity. A certain degree will be applicable to any relationship but long distance couples will have unique problems.

Thus if you have a perspective on how the problem can be tackled by a special group, accounting for their special needs it’s important to mix that perspective in your application of the knowledge.

Let alone write a book or article if it proves to be effective.

I hope you will go one by one with the pointers in this article to include them in your reading process.

Take care.

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