How Much Pencil Art I Have Done This Year (Pics)

I wasn’t born a visual artist but I always wanted to know how to draw. I was not really terrible at drawing but  what used to hurt me when I was young was the inability to capture a resemblance or or to manipulate a visual to match the one in my mind.

Well in 2010, I found an alternative. I began to trace images digitally and the more I got better over the years I became a better vector artiste. As I practiced I began to see some patterns in the human face. I even began to animate in 2012 and have been doing so since but in 2017 I decided I needed a good foundation in pencil art so that I could hand draw my characters.

So the images below have been my progress. Did not arrange them in order of when they were drawn but I selected them among many other drawings I have done in the past 4 months.

It would be treasonous not to begin with Queen Monalisa wouldn’t it?

My early attempts at drawing people were on myself and Monalisa. I mean only my love could deal with the flaws in a learners drawings. The terrible proportions. Take for instance this risk I took by drawing her with her Father below.

I know I messed up her face a bit but she’s understanding.

Okay, okay, in case you think this is a way to showcase my pencil sketches for her let’s get down to artwork I have done of other people. Let’s start with Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. This was at risk of being sued by the way. It is risky business to be learning to doodle whilst using the picture of someone who knows the law.

Somehow I knew she would understand.  She is a people person after-all. She tweeted it gratefully.

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. Powerful female politician.


At this point I would then venture into drawing female Faces. I always struggled with those in my early animations hence my characters were male dominated. Tsano, Blazo, Tafadzwa and so forth. So I trained my eye by doing drawings of female faces then later on female figures. Read a bit of anatomy.

Once again I began with her. Monalisa Chishato.
Then I populated this collage!
I particularly enjoyed working on the lion in this peace but regretted creating the background scenery.

My art was beginning to get attention and people requested to be drawn. I got a couple of paid jobs in this season and more pending.

I was scrolling by and saw this one.

Drawing is really about manipulating some dark dust whether it’s graphite or charcoal onto a contrasting canvas to create an image.

It was Rumbidzai’s birthday. She is a Christian Jazz musician.

What I learnt from this whole experience is sketching is a form of planning. I realized the reason I had sloppy drawings in early life was because no  one taught me to sketch faintly. to be a better observer and that erasing mistakes was okay.

Mukai Mudzamiri. Was confident by this time

In life one must sketch their goals and rub off what doesn’t work in the final action plan. That s why we don’t start off sketching by pen.

Valerie Makwindora

We have been blessed in life with forethought, foresight and we can sketch it. We can write our goals.

Maybe I began to look at the feminine figure to much, but my sense of proportion is Sharper.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my drawings. Leave a comment below or share the art with your friends.  If you are new to my work.

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  1. Mambo Reply

    hahaha interesting to note that Mona”s father there looks like you.
    Art is fine,i enjoyed fine art since primary but now for business i ventured into pyrograghy/Woodburning,a very unique type of art.Could have attach images here but seems there isn’t any option to do so.

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