How Mik Saved My Song Last Year (Hip-hop) #Hiphop #indie

In July last year, I had an arrangement with Anonzi Xndr and went down to his studio to record a song I had not written down. Got into Rehab entertainment for the first time and shopped for an instrumental with marcques and Xndr till one took my attention.

I then started writing to it and in about 15 minutes I had a hook ond 32 bars to lay on it. I took my book into the booth and recorded it but deep inside I knew I had rushed over it. I was a hurried job; I didn’t feel excited after laying those vocals. By agreement my hook would later be modified and sung by an artist who Xndr would pick for me. I had a great weekend in Harare, left Xndr my email and left for Karoi. After some weeks, as promised Xndr sent me my track and I listened to it to realize it was improved by the vocals of a young talented vocalist called Mikiale.

I knew my verses, especially the second one were weak by my standards and to be real with myself, I could have done more.  My heart bled because I felt like my talent was dying, but then again there was this guy on the hook who made the song a better song. I wont lie I loved my overall message, but that message would not have meant much without Mik’s chorus. As planned I then animated the video, well you can tell on the video that I was learning to animate but I think it was an improvement on my previous work.

Today I want to thank Mik for saving a song that would have been boring. This young guy is going places soon and he is targeted by many stables and artists. I hope he is aware of his networth on the market. #Salute

Download The Song Here | Stream it here | Watch The Video Here | Buy it on Amazon MP3

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