How Independent Artists Can Manage A Blog

Tips From A Blog-Artist

After setting up a blog it is not very easy to blog daily especially if you are an artist with a day job and other commitments. Perhaps this is where pre-posting comes into being. As you create your blog stay 5 or posts ahead and schedule them for a later date such that they will automatically post on that date and time. This helps one to be consistent.

Cut out any form of procrastination. Make sure you have article ideas daily and it helps if they are related. Make a working schedule for yourself and target. Monitor traffic and engagement. Traffic may be seen in your stats/ analytics section while you’re in your dashboard. Engagement refers to the activity under the post. Are you getting comments and is the article being tweeted, shared or retweeted around the web?

Perhaps you can dedicate a night or weekend where you do 5 topics at one, know that you may attend to other life demands on other days, as you approach the last article of the cycle, take time to top us the articles. This helps because even if you had an unexpectedly busy week, it wouldn’t affect your blog or reflect on it. If you are a band you may want to add everyone a s a contributor so that you increase the sources of articles by a huge percentage.

If you are using a smart-phone you may download the app associated with your blog and be able to post new articles on the go. Always make sure to update it the app so that it stays efficient and functional. Also get into the habit of reading similar blogs for ideas and inspiration.

Don’t Put Duplicate Content

I strongly warn against posting the exact content you have on several other blogs as this reduces your Google search ranking. This is a bad move as far as  search engine optimization is concerned.


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