How I Interpreted Tytan’s Ndipe Mwoyo Video

On Friday evening, record label exec’, director, rapper, producer and political activist Kuda Musasiwa posted worrying pictures of Tytan in ill health which received widespread sympathy from his fans, particularly lady because of his “pretty-boy” image. Well some people already could sniff a hoax especially those that have experienced the marketing genius of Kuda Musasiwa who is otherwise known as Begotten Sun in musical circles.

Well this morning they woke up to reveal that those were shots from a video titled Mwoyo which was directed by Begotten Sun. It kicks off with an emergency where Tytan is being rushed into hospital by someone we can assume is his brother with Begotten Sun as well playing the role of hospital staff.

As soon as Tytan is admitted the visuals show the care that he receives daily from an amazingly beautiful nurse. Through the needles and prescriptions she stays by his bed side. For in between scenes Tytan is seen in a white space clad in dazzling white apparel singing the lyrics, “Ndipe Mwoyo” which means to say, give me your heart.

Metaphorically by giving him all attention this is what this nurse is doing throughout the video. She develops a better relationship with Tytan and he seems to be recovering as he appears in a scene where he is not bed ridden and is conversing with the nurse.

As she says her good byes to end her shift he asks her not to leave but she does. She pecks him with a little kiss on the cheek.

And the next morning she wakes up to an unexpected surprise.

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