How I Felt About Winning A Zim Hip-hop Award

Growing up I have always been very passionate about the arts. I have been a writer for as long as I could write and a story teller for as long as I could speak. My childhood was full of certificates for writing competitions and I had a burning desire to be famous. I wanted to be one of the greatest men in the arts but my goal was hindered by basic perceptions of the arts in my family.

Where I am from the arts are not a big deal. Many musicians die paupers and I am talking about some of the best artistes of the land. Writers, poets and painters have pretty much the same story, stigmatization from family and stereotypes so naturally I ended up in a secure industry. I love my day job however, because like art I meet and speak to the people. Dental Therapy allows me to improve my public relations techniques.

However I didn’t want to abandon my dream over work. I infact realized the secure job could fund this dream and by 2013 I had been blogging for some years except I was very insignificant. I was doing trial and error on free blog platforms. I had in fact ventured into websites in 2002 when I was 14 years old but the web had changed much.

One day I decided I was going to start a Hip-hop blog in my name. A self hosted domain and the funding actually came from a Design I did for Leonard Chimanga (a friend) at that time.

In previous months I had tried much to merge with certain blogs that were already talking about Hip-hop in Zimbabwe but had got very little traction convincing them I would innovate with them. They seemed to expect that I wanted to piggyback on their following so I decided to go to the dojo and construct a website that would push the ideologies I would have shared.

In a few months my blog was popular enough for me to get writing jobs for Magamba Network’s Kalabash Media which was a week older than my blog. It had funding however so it was great and it could help me deal with my own website expenses if I got some money from art. I even scored a column on Tehn Diamond’s site among other various sites I can now freely contribute to. My idea was always to make money from information. I later worked with Zim Link. I was it’s first main Editor in Chief but in August of 2014 I went totally independent.

My blog would not only review songs in a blatant matter but also provide tips and researched suggestions to the growing industry of Zim Hip-hop. I decided to focus on the things people whisper about and yet sugar coat in public. The blog allowed me to gain influence in areas I would not have easily be seen. I was in many newspapers and many artistes I grew up watching were now people I could hang out with on a first name basis.

Here I am now with a Zim Hip-hop Award from a platform I regularly criticize for disorder and to me this is a key to many other doors. I will continue to focus on myself as an artiste and pay no mind to the affairs of others that have little to do with my personal goals.

I owe my gratitude to God who gives me strength and guides me in the direction of good relationships and partnerships. He takes me out of raw deals and will never allow me to be used, but rather he will show his glory through the work I do.

I am an open minded Christian. I talk to people of all beliefs and hopefully those of my friends that do not yet believe will find the cornerstone of my progress.

God bless you.

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