How I Built A Succesful Hip-hop Blog In Less Than 6 Months

I earned the right to write such a headline as soon as I got nominated for my first Zim Hip-hop award. A great experience it was to be awarded for being able to write about my hobby and passion. I’d like to share how I was able to build that from scratch and the good news is the article will be brief and effective.

First of all I’d like you to know that you can only build a very successful blog in an area you are very passionate about. Interest is simply not enough, it can only be passion that keeps you sailing through the storms, criticism and hecklers. Ask all Hip-hop blogger who were there before me but retired early.


Have A Pilot Blog


Now I didn’t go ahead and buy a domain before I had blogging figured out. I practiced on free blogging platforms such as blogger and wordpress with 13 blogs, some of which failed before i proceeded to empotying my debit card by buying an actual domain.


I actually got some traction via my blogspot and I was ready to invest into blogging on the next level. Even when you create your pilot blog be very serious about it and strive to make it look like a branded domain. Spekktrumn did well with the appearance of the Support Zim Hip-hop Blog when it was still a blogspot. The site blog is now on it’s own stand-alone domain.


Invest In A Stand Alone Domain


This has much to do with cognitive bias on yourself and on the people you are appealing too. – Big words, what’s cognitive bias?

Cognitive Bias

A cognitive bias happens when someone makes a choice based on their perception of something. For instance, a girls father thinking her boyfriend is a good man because he is wearing a suit. The suit may not represent this boys true nature but well, the same applies to blogs especially in developing countries.


Who would you trust more (sorry if that’s someones actual blog) or .  The blog thatb has been most invested in feels more serious. I spent over 8 years running free blogs but was noticed massively within the first 6 months of hosting my own domain.


Have A Unique Angle


Certainly, I did not launch the first hip-hop blog in Zimbabwe but my popularity rose from different unique selling propositions I carefully planned. I was not willing to be the same as everybody else.


I really didn’t care if everyone was gassing up a certain camp, no matter how rich or influential, if I genuinely was of a different opinion I would state it with no apologies. Of course I wouldn’t  debate for the sake of being different, I would simply  be the loiudest about the whispers and undertones of  the fearsome masses.


Sometimes the media has a cascade of information around figures with a cult of personality. Additionally my blog also gave out ideas on promotion (such as this post) while rival blogs only gave promotion and monotonous praise to every track.


Your unique angle doesn’t have to be satire on feared figures or tips (otherwise you’d be remaking my blog). You know that one flaw you think my blog has? That’s where you can come in instead of ranting on Facebook.


Improve Your Writing


From the headlines to organization of paragraphs. Your content should be on point and improve. You should also have different styles of writing for different occasions. Switch from lists, interviews, articles, debates, long and short posts.


If you must, read other good writing and make sure you improve.


Network and Share


After all the good content is written do not be shy to share the content. If you have a buzzing exclusive go on to pay for twitter and Facebook adverts. Early bloggers didn’t have to buy ads but nowadays to acclerate growth these are a necessity.

Create relations with other bloggers and occasionally allow them to guest post on your site.

You may do the same for them. You need a network of friends who will also share your content no matter what. I love to write about people who didn’t know me at all sometimes because they automatically become fans. Yes they do and they follow through and share.


Capture The Audience


Whether it’s a mailing list or a new follower or Facebook like make sure you capture your readers into your database in such a way that they can see future posts. Not doing so is like collecting water with a leaking bucket.


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