Hope You Didn’t Miss : Amiz – D.O.A

When I say D.O.A most of you rewind back to around two thousand and ten when this meant Death of Autotune, a Jay Z track which made autotune uncool and destroyed T-Pain’s career. When I say Amiz again you probably think of Bow Wow’s Fresh as Amiz and well no doubt in Zim Hip-hop, few are as fresh as Amiz in terms of hard work. Amiz… not me. As in Amiz the Marondera born rapper whom I gave a raw review on Sango Reshumba (read it here).

Yes if you remember that guy, well he topped up from that single and threw out a couple of singles. Brilliant ones. Bars 263 talked about When Times Go Hard here (opens in new tab). Well, all I can say is Dreams of August is a well produced and written project for this year and I am guilty for having slept on it. I was trying to find time to sit for it, but I realized the more i didn’t address it my inbox was piling up. So I decided to create this Late Reviewstration thing. For the love of Hip-hop pease click other slept on albums that are being added to the series. It’s tough being a blogger…. a.k.a Times Go Hard For me too… and my hand will get bitten off one of these days because “Sango Rineshumba dzinoruma” with all pun intended. And whatever Pun intended for Hip-hop is now growing in Zimbabwe too and without wasting too much time you can support Amiz by checking out his music on the links I will give below (or details)

Those who say…

We Trust Amiz We Want to Support his Music Financially, we still buy CD’s and we local..

The delivery just came in this morning &the good news is we have just lowered the price of “DreamsOfAugust” to $2 a piece if you getting it direct from us before they hit the shops | Place your Orders on this number 0773665137 | >NB: No Free Cds & We have more than enough to supply• You can also search him on i-Tunes

Those who say, we want to stream his music first and see if he is worth buying…

That’s still cool with him. You can Go to his soundcloud and stream the music.

Here is the link

Which option are you taking?


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