Hiphop Is Responsible For Chinx Death

On May 17 Hiphop lost yet another soldier to a murder. Coke Boyz rapper Chinx was shot dead and two suspects have since been apprehended. It is really a sorry sight for hiphop.


Some years ago we lost Proof, Biggie Smalls and 2 Pac Shakur amongst other fallen soldiers.I personally think the disease is fuelled by the themes in rap lyrics themselves despite the fact that America has already set black people to end up laying in a pool of blood. Hiphop music has been known to glorify violence and killings of enemies but somehow when shit hits the fiend rappers are all over twitter denouncing and discouraging the violence which is self contradictory. Their lyrics speak a different story.

Meek Mill was hurt on twitter and talking about how the hood should stop glorifying killers yet his music largely contains lyrics about about guns abd drugs. So does music by Rick Ross, 50 Cent and other rappers.

If they only ever spoke of the gun violence that happens in their blocks then it wouldnt be a problem. That would be a narrative of reality. However their lyrics mostly boast about how they can take your life if you are an enemy.

Why do they all of a sudden see how bad it is when one of their own dies. This is the same street they have raised and Hiphop is an influencial art. Hiphop raises kids because it spreads ideas. The number one place the idea of gangsterism is pushed is through both mainstream and underground hiphop. Whether you listen to Immortal Technique, Nas or Rick Ross there is always that song in the album about the artiste killing his enemies and feeling no remorse for it.

How do we stop the disease by propagating the ideas of vengeance, robbery and unlawful punishment in our music.

Rest in Peace to Chinx.

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