Hip-hop Song – Vhedza ft POY – Come Into Our Life

Vhedza is a talented Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste, now based in South Africa. He is one of a few Zimbos who have decided to monetize their work by distributing it on i-tunes, spotify and all re3levant online platforms. He is coming back this year with an album titked “Chosen Prophecy :Return From Sinai”. I have no idea if it is a religious album but mt. Sinai is where the 10 commandments were taken. Perhaps he is coming back with the 10 of Hip-hop (We have compiled some here – next tab).

Before any album comes out however, there is always that one promotional track that is given freely so that you get to taste the food before you buy. So let me present to you his promotional track titled, “Come into our lives” which features Bulawayo based P.O.Y and TheFuture. It was produced by Vhedza himself and TheFuture.

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“I had the idea for the song when I was designing the sound for the album, so I took the sample to the future and explained what I was trying to achieve. He then arranged the track and recorded the vocals. I played a minimal role in tweaking the final mix.”

Come Into Our Life is a concept that invites listeners into his thoughts and mind state. He is kicking .” knowledge and aspirations” and the song should be viewed as more inspirational than as braggadocio. In his own words it’s more like.

“Come and see how we’re doing it over here by stepping into our world for a minute.”

From a distance this may look like show of but to me it’s more like. “Come and see how we’re doing it over here… so you can learn too.”

Hip-hop music has its way of kicking knowledge by enticing you into falling in love with a great idea and this song manages to do that.

During the digital age, great musical work has been subjected to piracy and all forms of illegal duplication whether as a CD on the street or on pirate online sites. However Vhedza believes music should be monetized because it is a s much a service as anything else. It takes money to make music and to sustain the artiste for them to be able to create more valuable products. An opinion I agree with him on.

“It takes money and a lot of work to produce good music, and if they want more they should pay which is a form of re-investment in the industry so the artistes and labels can put out more content.”

Vhedza is a man who creates with the intention that music will be enjoyed both in terms of its sound quality and the lyrics for years to come. The emcee believes music to be a good investment from the listener. A lot of value can be extracted from his lyrical content with no doubt.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the song, you can tell me what you think about it by engaging with me on twitter @Mcpotar or linking up with my Facebook Page http://fb.me/sirmcpotar


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