Hip hop – Outspoken The Humble Neophyte’s Waiting For The Bus and Other Songs

So I’d been waiting for Outspoken’s album for close to 3 years, because he made us want to own them by keeping his mp3’s off soundcloud, however he performed them uniquely at Mashoko (way before Shoko Festival) with a live band. In 2010 I was already a fan of Waiting The Bus, but it was nowhere to be found online. One could only stream it online from his website but you’d have to be a hacker to get it. Outspoken has really amazing hip-hop songs.

Brilliant sound and inspiring, after all those years finally he dropped the album Unccol And Overated, God Before Everything. The content of the album is deep and dominantly conscious. It is inspiring and uplifting, it touches corruption, gender and life struggle. His sound is unique, I’d been waiting for that album but I did not get to talk about it last year because when it did drop I was not in a position to download it. Considering it was a double album, two large zip files. I was consistently interrupted by network or power cuts. There’s one track I wanted to listen to first however as soon as I got the album, that song is entitled Waiting For The Bus.

The hook caught me before the message and the message itself later became a hook. I skipped all other tracks soon as I got that album and then played Waiting For The Bus several times before finding 2 other favourates from Uncool and Overated, Anopenga and Inoita here. Anopenga is basically a punchline song, I guess it’s message is, “Hey, I can do wordplay if I want, don’t underrate me coz am conscious,”. I love Inoita here, it questions hypocrisy and corruption in society. Other tracks am slowly falling in love with from his offering are Miss Homegrown, Freedom Train and Preachers And Prostitutes. I use that album as a study guide for my spoken word sometimes and I like Outspoken’s basic message it is well organized and well researched. I basically however do not ascribe to his beliefs about spirituality but I understand his view because it is very outspoken.

Slave Master’s Whip took me time to appreciate and am not used to Outspokens’s deeper stuff so guess it will be good for my ear later. It happens to me with every album, unless that album is weak lol. I can say, people who are deep into mainstream may not enjoy outspoken but those who like conscious hip-hop and reggae will agree with me that this is really deep. But however I do advise anyone regardless of what they are used to, to get that album and look for waiting for the bus.

Finally I give props to whoever has been managing him, his family and friends, The Essence, raven, Magamba and all those that have contributed to that album being what it is. It is clearly not a zindoga effort, even he knows. The instrumentation was done well, the guitarists and drummers were on point and doing this live band thing manages to remove the stereotype Hip-hop is given. “Computer Music”. This is my first Hip-hop review for 2014. I’ll be doing some of these from time to time keep checking the blog and like the page for updates.

You can support him buy his album via http://www.outspokenthahumbleneophyte.com/albums

Or get it free via : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/9xmzr4cotwjnsjx,8ady7n28xmstbwt/shared

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