Hip-hop Music – My Take on School Of Hip hop’s Prize Giving Day 2013

So Prize Giving Day at the “School of hip-hop “ was finally done on Wednesday, despite some kids complaining that there was a cheat sheet and some teachers leaving work shortly before the ceremony. The North/South Samora borders and a few day scholars lined up at 7 Arts to watch the Event. It was a historical day for hip-hop; as some “students of the game” were celebrating nearby.

Now in English: I just said the Zimhiphop Awards finally happened on Wednesday and many factions were there. There were also some Zim hip hop celebrations at Pariah State. Navy Seal happened to attend the hip hop awards so he kept giving me feedback on what was going on at the event. From his feedback, it wasn’t really as bad as I had expected given that the launch party almost sent him to sleep. However, I think the organizers of the awards need to work on organization in future so that they don’t have embarrassing incidents such as judges and hosts pulling out. I mean after Vimbai pulling out, I expected they’d replace her with Brenda Farce (hope you got that).

The thing about these awards is they are not very people driven in my opinion. In an internet age where people can suggest nominees all year using unique phone verified profiles, we cannot have a panel of 9 people decide for us who the nominees are. Also in a country were there is evidently corruption at radio, you cannot say that “you only nominate people who get radio play”. The thing is, to close the deep guys out; you just deny them radio play simple as that. Is the underground artist who gets less or no spins a lesser rapper? We don’t know it like that in Hip-hop. In fact in Hip-hop it’s vice versa, we know that that guy you’re awarding for being on the radio is the weaker guy. I’m not shooting those who won, but they do know what I mean if they are in Hip-hop or follow it.

Now back to my point, you cannot have 9 people choose who’s to win in a national event. Now the thing with most Zimbabweans that will argue my point is, is they will say something stupid like, “Even South Africa and America do it.” Now, what’s flawed is flawed and South Africa and America are not our parents, they are also not infallible.  This is the information age; there is so much free code to embed on a website to start doing surveys to find out who the public really likes (even on a free blogger site). Unlike other genres, hip-hop lovers know how to navigate the internet so I am sure, if that were done it would be the will of the populous.  The thing is ZHHA doesn’t like paying for things, that’s why they weren’t going to pay for artist’s performances perhaps.  It would be easy if they paid a webmaster like Enqore to create an untrickable poll widget.

I mean once you put a few guys to decide who’s nominated even if people voted later, they’d just be voting for those who you have already selected for them or confined them to.  I respect what they stand for and everything but I think we’d rather have the next awards in 2015 as they put their house in order. I will not sympathize with them and I speak as myself. As Mcpotar, not as any record label, stable or group, not even as Zim Link. In fact some of my day one hommies beg to differ with me.

PushZW in their article said that everyone wants to be a part of ZHHA. Hmmm really?  At the beginning of the year yes that was true that’s why we had so much work out this year, but when confusion started coming in we changed our minds. Only the people creating the joke and their families and friends want to be part of the joke. The public, the rest of Zimbabwean hip hop we are not part of that joke and we’re not watching the sitcom. “When key people pull out like trolleys, we’re better off watching the baby follies”. People that are within a system pull out because they see the flaws and disorganization inside that system and would not like to be part of it when it falls.

I’m glad I do not have to water down my opinion on any day to be liked by the so called influencers of a suffering industry. I also will not propagate lies for the purpose of their likes, mentions and props. You know I was doing keyword research(with the best tool on the planet) the other night, to find out how many people Google the term Zimhiphop per month only to find out, there were less than 20 per month. I also tried different combinations of keywords, thinking perhaps people google it as something else, note this is per month (see Google Keyword Planner). This means worldwide on average there are about 20 people a month that will type anything to do with that phrase in Google search. Begotten was worried about music not being in the streets and being in the tweets? Well King, it’s not even doing well in the tweets, numbers don’t lie. (NB; I’m not talking about how many times you share it on fb, I am talking about how many people type it on Google and for those who think South Africa is their Mum, South African hip-hop has over 22,100 searches per month)

Why did I bring that up? I brought that up because, the world doesn’t give a crap and we need to change our way of doing things and stop living a lie and putting out fake download stats when no one is searching for us online, then going to back that up by giving each other sculptors when the public doesn’t agree. Have a great weekend.

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