Hip-hop Exposed : Dexter Baysiq Reveals His Source Of Power (@dexterbaysiq)

Dexter Baysiq,  a Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste has finally decided to reveal the source of his well-being , prosperity and blessings.

“I’m feeling so good and I’m feeling so blessed,

Coz God got me good let him deal with the rest…”

The hook sets the theme of the song God Got Me Good which features the well respected Courtney Antipas. The theme is held throughout the song . The idea is that God (Jehovah) looks out for Dexter Baysiq and despite any challenges he may face, God will help him hurdle them.


He goes on to say, “…being a sinner should be your only regret” to assert his belief that self security can only be found through Jesus Christ. His delivery is quite dynamic and typical of modern day “turn-up” sound. I like the message because even though he speaks of his own blessings, he is not bragging or self-glorifying. With Christian Hip-hop these days it can be hard to create such a concept and not come off as somewhat pompous. Dexter in this case made sure his praise is directed to God in all lines.

Enter Courtney Antipas …

“I’m feeling so good and I’m feeling so fresh…

Coz God got me good let me deal with rest…”


A slight twist to the initial hook as you may notice….


With lyrics like ,”aint no lip service, we living it out…” he is really saying that they are not only professing Christianity on the microphone to live a contradictory life but they actually are practicing what they preach. He also mentions how God is helping them pull down strongholds and systems and talks about how Christian Rap shouldn’t really be about the numbers they pull for self glorification.

Another issue addressed is how Christian Rap is attacked by the world as somewhat “wack”, an opinion Courtney dismisses in his verse.

The artiste will be drpping the Video To God got Me good on Monday 23 November 2015 so be sure to catch the update via @Mcpotar on twitter.

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