Hip-hop Artistes Offended By Begotten Sun’s Remarks

Earlier today we posted on Begotten Sun’s post in which he said Tehn’s album would out-do every other hip-hop project released in 2015 thus far. Of course this didn’t go down well with many artistes who have dropped or plan on dropping albums.  They were offended by this . Vhedza for example dropped Chosen Prophesy on i-tunes recently and felt and expressed that the post was disrespectful to his efforts, artistry and that of others.

“…its not Hip Hop for someone to tell other emcees their projects will be irrelevant and expect any self respecting Emcee to just take it. Tehn’s album may turn out to be better than mine but I’ll still stand up for my brand and project as any self respecting emcee would . Anyway the jury is still out and its not over till the fat lady sings, ” Vhedza said . He also affirmed that he indeed respects Begotten Sun and Tehn as fellow hip-hop contributors but he wasn’t up for the belittlement in the words said by Kuda.

T1 Wema 1, who also recently dropped a project titled #Inzwa felt that the hip-hop icon had made a wrong choice of words. A few individuals commented to argue that the Tehn Diamond project had since lost it’s hype because of the silence.

That awkward moment when #ThePerfectTehn fails to live up to the hype. #Inzwa“, T-One spoke.

After a few comments with less context Begotten Sun then responded by saying this :

The awkward moment when #ZimHiphop realises that it never “against” them. but “For & With” them. SOTG 1, 2, 3, #TFAF, Features, Singles… in 4 years u have had damn near 100 Free tracks from Tehn. Thats a average of 25 Song releases a YEAR!

And for
#TPT I have damn near enough material for #ThePerfectT2hn &#ThePerfectT3hn as well. We working everyday. And the “Delay” isn’t coz we just trying to perfect chichi chi. NO Team. Its trying to make SURE that we have enough resources raised to at LEAST give the album the launch it deserves considering how much energy has gone into it from a bunch of people. We can’t keep dropping my free Links asina visiual vakoma. Nhamo yemu Zimbabwe yaka/icha uraya maAlbum release AKAWANDA! SHIIIT. It I’m sooooooo tempted to just DROP THE LINK…. but Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is… insane.

Remeber SYN CITY… now image if we actually has more than the ZERO budget we had to work with. #GoreReZvidzidzo

This is all actual not cinema flicks. The debate is on, all I can say is Vhedza and Begotten Sun seem to have reached some understanding. I still feel Begotten Sun is maintaining his opinion that, no album in Zim Hip-hop for 2015 will out-do The Perfect Tehn.

I hope this doesn’t stir unneccessary support from people who would have otherwise pushed it, as there were also comments like, “Itai, tiwone.” (meaning  : We are waiting to see).

Personally I think we had a lot of great material this year from Art Department, Asaph, Cal_Vin, J.Nova, R.Peels , Savage, Kidd Active, Vhedza, G.I.L, Kudah Runnit and T-One. I believe there is some truth by Begotten Sun in the quoted explanation on failing to do more than just dropping the link.

A lot needs to be done to promote albums. T-One and Cal_Vin so far did some of the best promotional work for their albums at the capacity they have. I believe Begotten Sun has built marketing machines over the years to make that album reach many audiences. And I thank him for that picture and it’s caption.

It had been long since we had a discussion about the state and quality of Hip-hop.

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