Hip-hop Artiste Uses Track In Memory Of Deceased Mother (Video)

Huby Blakes (Hubert Chitambara) is rising young artiste whom we first reviewed on this blog for the Cynthia Mare track. He also was a performer at the 5th Edition of Changamire, where he performed in front of the masses. Every artiste has his good and times and today we are giving you the touching side of Hubert Chitambara.

He has dropped a video to pay last respects to a lost mother. The video led mme to believe that the woman in the picture was his mother. It has a soulful chorus with guitars done on the instrumentation. Some church scenes and scenes where he is in a room full of coffins. The song is titled Candle Light. You can see Huby in some scenes in a room illuminated by candle light.

The Candle Light is symbolic of the energy he shared with his late mother. Watch the video, Huby is sharing his struggle with you. I’d advise you to listen.

To Huby I extend my heartfelt condolences. 

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