Here is Why 2016 Is Funnier Than 1980

In 1980, Victoria was crowned the Queen of Sweden, Zimbabwe attained it’s independence from the British (supposedly), British Steel workers went on strike, gold hit a record of $634 US Bond note per ounce  and at least one or two Tawanda’s were born in that year. None of which was funny compared to  what happened in 2016.

So we are approaching the end of 2016 a year I consider to have had a lot of hilarious incidents in entertainment. Entertainers were basically providing us unplanned comic relief as they were going about their lives.

Or perhaps, on a more conspiracy theorist tip it was a mechanism by the government to draw your attention from Honorable Chinotimba, a rise in cyclists in Tsholotsho and the 15 billion they transferred to my Econet line for data bundles, some of which I transferred to Cashbid to support his 90 minute good morning Voice Notes.

From Lady Squanda, joining Skimbo and her foot in Unruly Matrimony, “You may kiss the foot.” To Trevor Dongo turning into a Street Fighter. Programmers in Zimbabwe are sleeping on him; I’m hoping some American gaming company can have him in Mortal Kombat. Him and the tramp. It’s an alternative revenue model.

Well Lady Squander succesfully managed to get this jester a bit of attention and a chance to be in the United Kingdom. Sometimes even though everyone can refuse to give you a hand with your career, you can depend on Squanda to give you a foot. The “first step” to going international will be on your lips.

Evidently, the organizers of the UK event were ready to “foot” the bill than “squander” it on a rogue. It was unwise of her to take FOOTage of course. Self incriminating evidence, like Mudiwa taking selfie videos whilst driving.

Am sure looking under the foot, Skimbo saw 50 Shades of Black and cops can investigate celebrities from their smartphones by scrolling through videos they post.

Back to Trevor Dongo, which is really a no-go area. The name kind of rhymes with, “Don’ go”… So let’s just take a peek. One foot into the issue. – Definitel not Kung Fu Squanda’s though.

Earlier in the year his imaginary publicist lashed out at Mudiwa Hood for collecting his ZIMA award on his behalf if you remember. I since employed that imaginary character and he is the one writing this article, so Mcpotar has nothing to do with this.

Mudiwa had just taken that award out of good will.

Mudiwa always seems to be the self appointed person to accept awards for Stars when the stars are not available. Perhaps he should start charging for that as a service. With the Diddy look and everything it’ss not such a bad idea.

We could even just pay him to grab everyones award, even at Zimbabwe Women Awards, just as soon as we deal with his butter fingers. Till then it’s aalso a bad idea to say to him, “may you hold these grenades for me, I’ll be back in a sec.”

His dropping of Jah Prayzah’s award was of course a genuine mistake.

We all make mistakes like when Stunner Crushed a borrowed car in fourth street whilst driving without a licence or when Zim Hip-hop Awards presenters read the name Takura as Stunner in the best video category.

Even some heads of States have read the wrong speeches before, so don’t judge ZHHA. They did a great job this year still.

We can’t talk about 2016 without mentioning how people enjoyed trolling CST’s better half and driving him to a 2 week sabbatical. Even causing the brother to apologize for all the trolling he had done over the years or Zaleekah, going all out on Facebook to humiliate @Diddy_Zw before appearing in tonnes of pics with him again.

They say “Zvevaviri hazvipindirwi, kunopindirwa ma queue ekuCABS chete.”Which essentially means, peoples love relationships are best not interfered with.

We can skip the part about Cal_Vin allegedly getting smacked for talking smack by Jnr Brown, because we never got to verify whether it was true or not. The “We Run It” fueled beef was actually great content for many a blog, many memes were made as well. They did the Amen Remix together a few months later so the audience got confused, some felt played by the game.

Well that’s how the game is. You can never decipher some of the mathematics but congratulations to all mentioned artistes in this article for holding enough numbers to be news worthy.

I mean, there’s a reason we ignored Cashbid ,Brythreesixty and Michael Mupotaringa. They are as irrelevant as a fart in a storm.

Let’s go beyond 2016 and pray that our celebrities and felebrities keep giving us something to chat about in groups weekly. Follow @Mcpotar on twitter just to calculate how long it will take for me to follow you back. Have fun and a prosperous 2017, with a few bloopers.

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