Have you heard ‘Paranoid’ by H3nry and Hillzy? (@Hillzy911)

Far from the trap noise tendencies and rapping about whips and chains the track Paranoid by H3nry and Hillzy 11270768_10205621351025597_1425069407_o offers a fresh new feel to hip hop with its incorporation of lyrical rap verses and a melodically toned  chorus and R n B verse courtesy of Hillzy.This isn’t the duo’s first work as they have featured and recorded other tracks before .The track takes us on a lyrical journey of a male in a love dilemma caught up in a paranoia stringed with fighting the idea of trying not to hurt the girl he is in love with,almost in a Drake mode.This track will definitely get the ladies in a frenzy(taking off their clothes maybe)Its a musical you will definitely put on repeat and If you haven’t heard it,its not too late. Feel free to take a listen and download the track.





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