Have You heard about The Twerk Squad in Zim?

Twerk Team – Twerk Squad Zim : Have you heard about them?

I received word last week that there is a Twerk Squad in Zimbabwe.  They already have a fast growing page and will be holding auditions this Friday.  the Bulawayo based squad intends to have members country wide.

I managed to talk to their manager briefly, Pinkie Ndiweni (who you will see in the TSZ COVER ART 1beautiful women section soon). She told me that they have a personal DJ , known as DJ Prince. My question however to her was, is Zimbabwe prepared to have a Twerk Squad. What will those that are concerned about morals say about this I asked.  “Do you not fear criticism?”

see Twerking is inclined to sexual connotations and innuendos which in our country may receive criticism in the media though they will have a huge fan base. However, the dance industry seems to be accommodating new routines, i mean Bev is still doing the bottle trick, in contrast twerking is quite decent than that.

“That has never really crossed our minds,” Pinkie said , “But now that you bring it up, it’s an issue that might come up. I believe we are withing the confines of the law and that we are bringing twerking to open minded people who wanna see something new. i expect we wont get much criticism but if we do, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” she added.

dj prince

you can follow their page for more updates https://www.facebook.com/TwerkSquadZim

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