GZI – A Brand New Initiative To Exhibit The Greatness Of Zimbabwe

As I mentioned during the week, The Mcpotar.Com focus now goes beyond hip-hop and into public domain issues of interest as it eventually benefits the culture. The following article is going to be about about a new initiative known as Great Zimbabwe Initiative.

Great Zimbabwe initiative is the collective effort of young Zimbabwean idealists, who believe in the potential of Zimbabwe. Their projects currently focus on tourism, energy, the environment and climate change which they consider critical to the socio-economic development of the country.

Their emphasis on the tourism side is to encourage people to visit Zimbabwe, as a safe destination by providing astounding facts about the country in bit size infographics which are now being shared on various social media outlets.  This also manages to shatter the negative propaganda that has been spread about the state of the country for years. I personally remember talking to a certain Lebo from South Africa who vowed to never visit me in Zimbabwe because of the stories she heard.
According to her, “Zimbabwe, is too dangerous. I fear for my life.”

One of the infographics that have been shared on Social Media

We have problems yes, but I think they have been exaggerated so that the mainstream could sell news. Remember, in commercial journalism, “Good news is no news.” I am happy that a lot of Zimbabweans have been making efforts to extinguish this mentality. Bit by bit we will make people aware of the beauty of Zimbabwe as a people. Gradually entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation and all those positive things will be given focus in this our land.

The Objectives of this initiative are as follows (according to the website):

  1. Leadership development, capacity building, training and equipping young Zimbabweans to fully maximize their potential and take full advantage the opportunities they encounter
  2. Entrepreneurship development and access to capital towards sustainable youth business projects in order to provide economic empowerment and provide practical solutions towards the problems of unemployment and poverty affecting all Zimbabweans and young people in particular
  3. Creation of a world class interactive digital media suite that facilitates and creates conversation around Zimbabwe’s future, promotes Zimbabwe, and provides free access to information and educational tools to young Zimbabweans
  4. Promote the adoption and adaptation to new technologies to accelerate economic development, manage the effects of climate change and preserve the environment.

    Feel free to check them out via: http://gzi.co.zw


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