Gze Joins the Fight For African Unity – The Cure (@resilience_gze)

What do you visualize when you see a Capsule wrapped with both South African and Zimbabwean flags?

Gze The cure XenophobiaFor me the sight of a capsule pill tells me that there is a remedy, a cure for whatever ailment there is. Resilience Chekera, went hard on this one if you haven’t heard of his song “The Cure” please get it in the next tab by clicking here. the song definitely speaks to Africans to be united and it was released at a time we had black on black murders in South Africa. Our soul has been traded for capitalism he says.

his song addresses the un-appreciation by South African people who have forgotten how Southern Africa helped them through the oppressive apartheid but it also calls for unity and reconciliation. in the second verse he mostly gives motivational facts about how Africans where Scholars before colleges. The flow is incredible and the Cutty Beats instrumentation is off the chain. However many critics do say the song may not be understandable to South Africans because of the language barrier.

I however feel it is still relevant because even Zimbabweans can put that knowledge to use. Xenophobia is not the violence remember. It is the state of mind that causes the attacks so the Zimbabweans that wanted cassper Nyovest stoned just for being South African are also therefore Xenophobic. 

Enough talk, please follow the link and get The Cure. Link up with the guy on twitter @resilience_gze


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