GZ – Promising Star Who Needs Polishing

I came across the music of an artiste from RTS (Road To Success) Records whose name is GZ. I believe it is an abbreviation of his government name.  I ended up on his reverbnation page to download a few of his tracks which he dropped in his 2016 debut mixtape titled “Zvivindi”

From what I understand in these songs, doing rap music is something which GZ has always wanted to do but he was shy to express himself. In the song “Shanduro” (Transformation) he explains a mindset change which made him stand up and say he was going to do it. He was going to take action and so today we have the “Zvivindi’ Mixtape.

Looking at the word  “zvivindi” which is in fact begot from Ndebele “isibindi”, it means to have courage or to be brave. Remember once again bravery is not the absence of fear but it is the ability to go ahead against all odds.

Likewise the boy has taken time to craft bars and write up a good mixtape with songs like “Mukana Izere” (which means, opportunities are abundant). In this song he urges the youth not to wait formiracles but to take responsibility as far as looking for betterment of themselves.

Quite a motivational piece.

However I feel there is a lot of work to be done at RTS in terms of building the GZ brand and even on sound quality. I am not particularly impressed with the sound quality and the intro’s on on some of the songs.  His message is big, his bars are good but presentation a certain level is weak.

Over time I am sure he will find his direction as the name suggests they are on the “Road To Success” and nobody ever said it begins with know it alls. Artwork should improve, instrumentation and beat selection needs a whole lot of work. The bars will need more and more polishing so that he keeps abreast with different deliveries and rhyme schemes.

If he truly is on that road I know and trust he will take my advice with no offense taken. After-all the blog is here to build and not sugar coat.

I believe with the right polishing, GZ can be more exceptional.  He should only be around people that speak quality and people with the hardest bars in terms of arts. He must never again get an inept graphic designer even if it were cheap. There is need to take all I have said seriously and polish up.

his message must remain as true as it is, it constitutes to 80% of why I enjoyed his music, however some people other than me love to listen to the beats first or be attracted by the artwork He needs to keep referring to “Shanduro” for that mindset to change and adapt to great presentation and marketing techniques.

Do not remain promising, deliver the promise.

Get his music and guess what you may either love it or hate it , feel free to share your opinion still and let the young man know where to improve. Feel free to subscribe for email updates to this blog and do not forget to check updates and follow me on twitter @Mcpotar.

Download Free Songs From His Reverbnation (while they are still free)

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