A Guide On Successful Hating

A lot of haters are having trouble with fully expressing a state of hate to their opponents. Their hating has no impact and is unseen, they are not jealous enough, they are not angry enough. Now if you’re one of those you have come to the right place, worry no more. If you are new to hating , let’s remind you the first benefit of being a hater.


You live longer…

Yes it increases your life span because all those people you hate on will be busy posting on their walls “may god give my haters a longer life…’ Now imagine that coming from a wider range of people. Now let me take you into the business of hating how to effectively hate, what you should hate and effective methods of hating on people so that you leave them angry and throwing the blessing, may god give my haters a longer life…”.

Be natural

Now in order to do something effortlessly be a natural. I am not talking about capturing the habit, no. I wan’t you to stop making any progress in your own life and start worrying about other peoples lives. As they move up while you are stuck at one place this will create natural jealousy to flow through your body, a process I coined as hatergenesis. You cannot fake jealousy it must come from within you… keep at it till you are jealous that somebody combed his hair… keep yours shabby if you must. The mission is to be nothing in life. Some people think it is very easy to be nothing in life but if you ask Sani, he’ll say “Usadaro” it’s been a long journey .

Start Small

Why would you hate on big things? Everybody is expected to hate on big things it does not establish you as a hater. You need to be distinct by starting with the small things. Hate on ants, hate on a grade one’s report or hate on Zvidhori video. Because the moment you start hating on big things like Macheso’s audience, Strives money, or Ross’s head then we can no longer see where your hate is going.

Be Creative

A true hater knows his metaphors. Hate on someone and make it poetic.  Make it a punchline.  Say stuff like, ‘for a second hand, your t-shirt looks great,” or Kudana’s famous, “You’re as irrelevant a s a fart in a storm”…. That will get them. That will sure get your lifespan on levels.

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