GT Beats x Cal_Vin x Noble Stylz – “Mamero” Review +Download

“Mamero” is Zimbabwean slang for “fake-friend”, popularized by Zim Dancehall and has found it’s way to the regular conversation. Hip-hop has picked up on it as seen in the new GtBeats offering titled Mamero which also features two living legends, Cal_Vin and Noble Stylz. The hook is catchy and commercial and GtBeats is unapologetic. The beat was created by both GtBeats and Major Crysis. Producer Rayo from The hitmen has decriped it as , “Amazing with sliding 808’s”.


He clearly says in his lyrics he is not all about “making hard bars” but would rather focus on industry moves. The irony is he actually used brilliant bars to say this. He had dope delivery and i guess he was responding to comments by some people that Mare (his hit song which should have won Video of The Year) had very little on bars. His emphasis is on style over substance, “if it sounds good, it’s dope”. Therefore he is not seeking to please rappers who are more into deep intellectual analysis that the public doesn’t give a hoot about.

“First all inini handi-imbire ma rappers/

 I’m just too busy tryna get that paper/”

He says, he goes on to talk about how they (mamero) pretend to like you but celebrate when you’re down and out. He also mentions how success get’s you hated.

Of course Cal_Vin has much to say about Mamero because a lot of hate speech about him has been on all year, from around the time Bebengakholwa hit radio, to the time he made strides by having Cassper Nyovest on Z’khuphani remix. If you look closely Bebengakholwa is Ndebele for “They doubted,” which is pretty much addressing the same type of people (mamero). Haters of progression.

Cal_Vin now keeps his grass short to see the snakes.

“Every Jesus has a Judas /Ses’boni ntwana lezi’ sezi’zamu crossu bhudaz’”

Noble Stylz handles the last verse and addresses the Rehab beef for the most part. Interestingly saying that he questioned Marcques on whether he had a grudge. Noble says Marcques declined having a grudge with Noble Stylz whatsoever, which (according to Noble) spared his career from being buried. I would say this may have been linked to Marcques attempted ridicule of Noble’s name in Who Got Next.

The other parts of Nobles verse were also subliminally addressing the whole beef in general where there seemed to be a conspiracy by Xndr and his alliance to humiliate Noble Stylz. A track called Vakanyangira Yawona (which I’m sure you already heard) was created in response to fight Xndr and Stunner. Though Xndr replied four days later with a verse titled maintenance, Nobles diss seemed to have gained more traction given the fact that it was more “personal” and was dropped hours after the awards.

You must have this background to understand the possible influences of these artistes when they penned Mamero. The bars by Noble are full of Puns for the most part.

“…Ndikati Nhai Marcques/ Wakandimarka’ s (wakandimarka asi)

Akati No Bra, ndikati aita Luck’ as”

Crazy bars, dope hook you need to get this heat, period (no pain).

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