Grow Your Influence As An Artiste

Influence is simply the effect one person has on another. It can be a great tool when an artiste holds it because it guarantees that people care to listen to what one has to say especially on social media. This may lead them to more engagement with the character and later to sales of products he recommends.

Influence is not obtained however in short time-space usually. It is earned over a series of actions that lead to the person establishing some form of credibility in his chosen genre. An artiste who has continually remained relevant and consistent has more influence than a one hit wonder. Strive Musiyiwa is influential today because he is an expert at what he does.

In order to have influence the trick lies in consistency and branding. Shaping your message daily to suit a target audience without changing goal posts every now and them. For example you may gain a few Christain Rap fans for always writing good bible study notes through your page, but if you were to post random and contradictory topics people may not follow that.

The trick is to obsess ruthlessly over your message and employ creative ways to spread it everytime you get a chance. Till people look at you and identify you with what you seek influence in, like ,”Oh that’s Prometheus, that guy who is so passionate about promoting Zim Hip-hop.” Notice that Prometheius will never leave out the tyag, “Strictly Zim Hip-hop No Apologies”. Bars 263 is saying “Zim Hip-hop To The World” and Immortal technique is consistently writing about oppression obsessively.

Now in order to spread that message you must have well calculated blogposts, Facebook statuses and tweets that are in sync. If someone is hearing the same subject matter from you for the 21st time and it’s well packaged and branded they will automatically associate you with that message and you will begin to influence those that resonate with it.

Make sure you know all new things in that field and master your craft, you will never go wrong. Influence will come to your door-step. Once you have that influence, even one tweet will convert hundreds of leads for you.

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