Groove Magazine: The Definition of Zimbabwe Urban Generation (@ZimGrooveMag)

So what happens when one takes a group of young people who have the need to be empowered? Innovation. And what happens when one brings together young writers, software designers and artistes; well a new spin to a whole new generation. At a time where digitalisation is the new global language and traditional spoken language has evolved so much that it might be a cause for concern that it might become like the proverbial Dodo-extinct; there is a new definition to Zimbabwe’s urban generation.

Zim Groove MagazineMarked by the pair-off line, ’the beat of the nation!’, comes a brain child of young, innovative and ambitious young writers, musicians and tech savvy individuals called Groove Magazine Zimbabwe, simply put Groove Magazine. Groove Magazine is a music and urban culture magazine focused on young Zimbabweans who are making trends across the globe; and global trends that affect Zimbabwean urban culture.

According to the Editor in Chief, Elspeth Chimedza, “Groove Magazine is our way of empowering young people of Zimbabwean birth and descent. In as much as we are an entertainment and lifestyle magazine, we are also a business that is looking forward to using our platform to grow other businesses and a whole industry.”

Elspeth Chimedza Groove Magazine ZimbabweWhat sets Groove Magazine apart from most magazines within the country is the fact that it incorporates a lot of international trends in terms of content and service provision. “I have always believed that Zimbabwe has so much potential, but for the longest time we have been lagging behind and have boxed not only our arts and entertainment industry, but our young generation as a whole. So with Groove Magazine, my team and I, as a company, are providing a platform that really has the young Zimbabwean’s interests at heart, because we ourselves are young people too, with similar dreams, ambitions and responsibilities; hence committing our 110 % effort in whatever we do so as to develop and empower a whole generation”, says Chimedza.

The magazine already has online presence having been utilising social media platforms and a fully functional blog since May 2013. One of the products that Groove Magazine is working with is an online store called Zimtunes; a site which aims at marketing, selling and distributing Zimbabwean music and art. The magazine launched online in March 2014 and Groove Magazine has promised a rivetingly exciting magazine which will create demand for more. Ahead of their time already, Groove Magazine Zimbabwe is a product to watch out for and see how creatively it will push Zimbabwean arts, culture and entertainment on a global scale.

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