Graduates Should Leave Zim Or Create Their Own Employment – Asaph Says

Bulawayo artiste Asaph has aired his concerns on the job losses that are affecting many large companies in Zimbabwe currently. There have so far been over 22,000 job losses within a short time space including over 280 from the national broadcaster ZBC.

Brain-DrainThe young hip-hop artiste who recently dropped an EP titled Kingsvilla, aired his concerns that if the working class was failing to earn salaries from doing regular jobs, how much more would artistes lose out. The logic being that people with regular jobs are the main consumers of music in the form of show tickets or actual CD sales. If companies are also struggling to pay workers salaries they may also cut on marketing budgets which may have otherwise included artistes for marketing jingles.

“The first thing I thought when I heard about that was, how can I expect to make a living off rap when people with regular jobs are being let go?” he questioned.

The music industry in Zimbabwe was rough for artistes even when all other industries were doing well, thus in Asaph’s logic there is no way artistes can expect to flourish now in a rough economy. He does bring valid points.

“If the economy is rough on people with standard jobs, what about us with these dreams.”

The Kingsvilla rapper also encouraged the youth to either start new innovative ideas in to survive or simply leave the country, “Honestly, I think young grads should find a way to leave Zim or use some bright idea to be self employed.”

What do you think about Asaph’s suggestion. Do you think Zimbabweans should leave and work elsewhere or stay in to fix this.

You can download Asaph’s Kingsvilla EP here 

The EP has been talked about on this blog and in leading Newspapers in the country such as Newsday.

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