Good Use Of Hashtags To Gain Visibility On Facebook and Twitter

Nowadays everybody is trying to push a hashtag hoping it gets a following and trends in his circle, however the problem is many are doing it all wrong. The tags are not consistent, today he is using #IiloveHiphop tomorrow the same status updates come under #iReallyLoveHiphop. There is no continuity of the previous tag and tags change too fast.

It got me wondering if most people know the true power of hashtags even in finding a fanbase. Definitel @Dzikamazing and @anonzixndr among others in Zim Hip-hop get the concept. There is a group of people that still do not get it. Hashtags now work on multiple social networks including facebook but were initially a twitter thing.

Hashtags allow one to categorize a certain type of status update so that when they are clicked they show all other statuses ever written under that tag. Meaning, if you are a follower of statuses under #TheEmccePortal you have an opportunity to find or click that tag to see all the related topics ever written under it.  That way you can target those who use it perhaps and take part in their discussion so that at the end of the day you benefit from whatever it is that tag represents.

When picking a tag, do not make it too long and hard to remember, it should be simple, relatable or self explanatory.You should also not misuse it on an unrelated subject. If you happen to talk about multiple subjects daily, have one hashtag for each of them.

I have also used common hashtags to network with other artist’s abroad e.g by typing into twitter #hiphop #Ghana I found Ghanaian independent artists and inherited their friends through interaction. It is simply that easy. Do not get shocked when a clever artist tells you he has a fan base as far as Australia or places he hasn’t been. Simply type in something likely to be used by people you’re looking for, follow each other, retweets each other, don’t be quick to jump into collabos. Social networks are just like real life. I have never met Take fizzo but in real life I don’t meet him today and ask him for a free beat by tomorrow. (It’s amazing how many people think it’s an exception on Facebook)

The problem we have now is Mcpotar wants to release a song called Takakora, so he creates the #takakora hashtag. All week he says things that have nothing to do with the album and places that tag. Sometimes the things have nothing to do with hip-hop at all.

“Did you hear about the floods in Masvingo. #Takakora”

I think at this point the object of the tag becomes confusing. The song has a theme , concept or subject and I think it would be better for him to tweet matters surrounding those themes and place that tag. It’s just strange when the hashtag now replaces the fullstop of the last sentence of every status #takakora.

I am not blasting at any individuals you may be seeing in your mind right now. This is just my general observation and yes I took have done it sometimes but it is not really the cleverest way of going about it. Sometimes it’s also not really about starting your own tag, it’s about building slowly on the one that already gets mentions so that when people search for that one they find your updates in between.

For example if Fred is a hip-hop blogger and tweets hip-hop tips under a tag he does not mind others adopting called #ZimRapz and this Fred guy has a huge following. People actually go to search for the new #ZimRapz posts. These people search for that tag not really because they like Fred. They searxch it because they like the content he gives with that tag, and here is #TheEmceePortal trying to push his own tag before he has a following as big as Fred.

What if Mcpotar writes his good advice and writes #TheEmceePortal #ZimRapz? Will he not appear when #zimrapz is searched and at the same time allow Fred followers to discover that there is also #TheEmceePortal which talks about the same thing? I know some people are selfish with their tags and this seems like the equal of putting your OK flyers in TM paper bags but then again riding on premade visibility makes everything easier for you.

Hope you learnt something will be taking time to sharpen your use of social media skills #takakora.

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