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I recently put my single My Struggle Your Struggle  for sale on Amazon MP3 and I thought I should share how I did it with other independent artists looking for channels to monetize their work. Putting it there is quite easy but the hard part is t find the audience that will buy, we may jump into such advice when I cross that bridge myself. I am not a  fan of teaching things I have not practiced.  By the way Amazon MP3 is a large online store which sells various things including books, software and film.

I recommend that you still use services such as hulkshare, soundcloud and reverbnation for Zimbabwean audiences, the truth is our people are not yet ready to buy MP3’s online. The hulkshares and soundclouds do have a place where you may paste your Buy Link. This is more of an effort to just sell to a market abroad. Since it is free, there is no expenditure except the internet bill you will incur. So let’s suppose you’ve recorded that well mastered crystal clear song you have confidence in, one you would buy yourself…. You go to create space and create an account.  You fill in all details including how you are to be paid.  You put your song in a zipped folder…. With the track number at it’s beginning and begin to upload.  Usually it will guide you through the steps that are very easy to follow.

Your MP3 mus be 320kbps ,44100 kHz , your album art should be about 1448 x 1448  pixels.  Have all that ready before going to the café, unfortunately I had to do this one by one…. My cover art was 500px x 500px so it was first rejected. They will review your song for about 21 days. I f you know it’s a good track start building an audience on twitter and google plus at this time. After you’re approved it may take another 3 days to be visible on Amazon. In order to get this free you must use their UPC code…. Alternatively you may buy one to be in more sales channels. They have interesting resources within their blog area that will help you build a fan base. You can also sell films and books by the way, but since I have not submitted in those sections I will leave them for now.

Hope I have been helpful. If Zim hip-hop is going to be a niche the world is interested in lets be visible on important channel. If you would like to support me by buying my single My Struggle Your struggle or re-sharing the link you may click here. if the big guys wont tell you how things are done, I will as i figure them out.

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