Get The Most Elevated Rap Series – #WayBackWednesdays

It’s a no brainer that we at Family Bizness entertainment and Mcpotar.Com are always willing to innovate the way things are done. Surely we did not pioneer the rap series games. We have seen many artistes make series…. but barely using our podcast style. #WayBackWednesdays is the most recent proof that Zim Hip-hop is elevated.

WaybackWednesdays 1 (Download Below)



WaybackWednesdays 2 (Download Below)



It is executed radio-podcast style and presents you with songs that Navy Seal did from “Way Back”. The motive is to lket the new fans know where the artiste is coming from and where he can be. In 2014 Navy seal did very little at sololevel. The Art Department album is fire and is pushing itself well but Way Back is a new single Navy Seal will be dropping this year as one of the projects that will be on his debut solo album.

The series however takes you back to singles that had little downloads before people ever knew about Navy Seal and I am glad to have hosted this one. The ideas at Family Bizness are amazing and we are unapologetic for promoting one of the people behind the launch of this blog (Navy Seal), that would be much like a war veteran being denied land in Zimbabwe. 

I salute the brother man and in my eyes he is one of the few kings of this era. #Spreadhiphop

Navy Seal Way Back


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