Get In Front Of Thousands Of Fans and Customers For Cheap Through Websites

Every artiste or business aspires to have a 24 hour marketing machine at low cost. This is why companies invest in billboards and digital screen places in town. A billboard basically works on autopilot as cars pass by one is able o capture the attention of everyone who uses that main road.

Well websites work just the same except that they are cheaper and can be more engaging. I mean, while someone is driving past Samora Machel, he may have no time to read the billboard about loans. He may notice it subliminally but he will let it pass. Humans have gotten tired of direct advertising. They want someone to engage with them or give them value. This is where websites and blogging come in.

cheap websiteThey are cheap to set up, they are accessible to everyone and they are on autopilot 24/7. They are more effective than billboards because one can also collect the information of the people who has visited them whereby on the highway you have no idea how many people cared about the advert you are paying large sums for neither can you determine if your sales are indeed coming from the efforts of the billboard. On the other hand, analytics tools on websites can give you an overview of who clicked what and vistors can hop onto a mailing list which you can use to tell them about new products and add value to them from time to time. You can even track how many opened the emails and clicked links in them. Knowing their ages, locations and gender helps you market better to the demographic that really cares about your product.

You see how this is way more effective than having a billboard seen by random eyes some of whom may not care what written or care about the product? Businesses, artistes, organizations can use websites as an effective tool of gain authority in their niche and establish themselves as experts. It also creates a high brand value when an email issent from than coming from a Yahoo account. People cannot simply trust a yahoo account given the number of Nigerian 419 scams that have been pulled off in the name of . Therefore if you are a business you want to do business like number one, success is about mindset and presentation. Marketing involves cutting through perceptions.

Here is why websites and blogging works….

If you owned a car and had so many hardware store to choose from when you wanted to buy, wouldn’t you prefer the store or brand that gives tips on day to day running of the car? See blogging creates a relationship with you and the clients but a simple free wordpress or blogspot has limited features for you to be able to own your audience. On the other hand Facebook and Twitter change their algorithms so much that 5% of your fans see your updates, where as your mailing least can get all your posts.

It has also been proven that people are likely to take business related action if something is sent via email than if they see the same information via Facebook. Perhaps it is because; people go to Facebook and twitter to interact and socialize, not to be sold too. Whereas the same people expect serious business in their emails. (No one sends a job application to a Facebook page, emails = serious business).

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