G-Records Becoming The Go To Studio For Indie Artists In Harare

Global Records is easily becoming the name on the street when you ask independent artists in Harare where they record. This is because of its affordable rates for standard production. It is also welcoming environment where you can meet a lot of artists including big names. They gave us last year’s Summers Ours and have not dirtied they fingers with industry beefs. They stay neutral and stick to music business.

Saturday the 29th of March was impressive. Kidd Active had a gig going on his birthday and many performances were made at the Basement, where people got to see various artists perform for $1. The environment felt like Magamba’s  Mashoko, except that it was apolitical. The general environment was support Zim Hip-hop. Krimz and Joe were on the decks and kept us on the danceflow while Mariachi presented performing acts. Among them Nazz, MacLeyyn, Sharky, Savage, Myke Pimp, Baller, Meyniak and Kidd Active the man of the show. I spotted a lot of individuals within the crowd whom I interact with daily on Facebook and who read this blog. Fab Johnson, Mikiale, Rayo, Lee Millz, Mc Example, 360, Kush, AMG, Finally Flexing and Boneman.  It was really a male dominated scene like most underground hip-hop shows I’ve seen, but I spotted a number of ladies, including Miss Fafie. Basically Rehab and G-records affiliated artists.

Rehab was really present to support the move no doubt.  It shows the relationship that G-records has created with other creatives. Myke Pimp’s Ndakabatwa really stole the crowds attention and he was called back by Mariachi to hit his chorus again. Ndakabatwa promises to be a club anthem Yuckmouth EP comes out. Kidd Actives Tamba similarly caused damage to the dance floor. He really is a good performer and the unity they have on stage as a team is amazing.

There was basically a sense of good behavior, no notable substance abuse. If artists managed to hide that, that’s cool. My stance has always been, perform as you, no drugs. There was one drunk guy though who kept trying to be a problem to the emcee and some performers but he was dealt with in a clever manner before his behavior became contagious. He did mess with Sharky’s performance and was shoved off stage by the artist.

I will advise that if we’re trying to build Zim Hip-hop, let’s respect each other as artists and not catch feeling. If you’re not chosen to perform, just watch others do their thing. One day it will be you performing and them watching. All I can say right now is I respect the movement Klasiq, Gwagz and whoever else sits the G-Records throne is creating. They are giving hope to these young individuals and setting  a template which can be picked on, and renovated till we have the support we need.

It’s time for everyone to put heads together around events. I want to challenge G-Records to raise up  more frequent gigs in the next quarter of the year. I also call upon fellow bloggers to keep an eye on all efforts being done by record labels and events people. Likewise, in these record labels a lot of PR work is not being done. A few labels are telling us what their artists are releasing next month, or if we should prepare to cover a gig.  This is something Zim hip-hop can improve on. I am, personally impressed. I also salute big players like mariachi for taking time to present at the launch of a younger act.

That’s the example every other head that has been there should also consider living up to. Keep reading the blog, keep sending tracks. I am the slowest blogger to respond. Blame it on my thoroughness, but I try my best. One love.

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