G-Records and Dollar Sign Collab in “Chema Real Geez” by T.Machisa

The GRecords/Dollasign music collabo is one of the latest tracks appearing on Sinbad90’s single collection.  The rapper from Kadoma has teamed up with fellow Dollasignmusic rapper Baller and Bigshots signees Savage and Kidd Aktive to come up with this summer banger. The track which dropped earlier today (19/10/15) is mainly giving credit to the men who keep it real to themselves and everybody in every way no matter how tough the hustle will be whether it’s in the streets or the office as defined by the title “Chema Real Geez”.


On the same token it gives credit to all the women who are pure of heart, mind and soul and to a certain extent reputable stature and beauty. As a result the men and women who fall under this category deserve to treat each other well, give a toast to life and celebrate to the fullest as will be described by the verses that will be uttered by these 4 emcees.  Below are a few quotable lines of what the rappers packaged for you in the track.



Savage :

Moto urikubviraapaHwahwahwakadira//

djarikuridza 808 rinembira//


ndakabata microphone ndichishaurira//…


ndirindimbandimbahona kana ranguDiti//

inzwa kana beat ragadzirwana Boy Tricky//


The first lines on Savage give props to the shows and the city life, the big shots rapper is also acknowledge the beasty instrumental by BOY TRICkY they perfectly laced with verses.


Baller :


Chachemabhebhiane knowledge mukusona//…


Haisi house music handinapoto kana lid//….

Chachema real ariAktivekungeKiDD//

Baller’s verse is raised and seasoned with punchlines and the rapper gives a shoutout to BigShots rapper KiDDAktive along the way.

The 2015 Kadoma Music Awards (KAMA) winner Sinbad dropped the last verse on the song which has quite catchy lines like ‘mubhawandodhakwa – bhawa ranger// batidza TV – Power Ranger’. The rapper is set to drop his debut album “Broke or Not” later in the year or early 2016.


Download Chema Real Geez here:http://www.datafilehost.com/d/0cec9b0b


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