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The song begins with an ambience that lights up your eardrums. Love triangle is about to enlighten you about a phenomenon that has been putting romantic relationships on the rocks – Love Triangles.

F.T.R features Tru North and Chyllur to express such a well timed message. Given that the release coincided with Gospel Singer’s –Mathias Mhere’s “cheating wife Saga”, which got us all questioning relationships and marriage.

F.T.R says, “The theme in this song is about a girl torn between two suitors with different personalities, he mindset of the temporary lover is highlighted in the first verse and the girls in the second verse.”

IMG-20150221-WA0005From listening to it I figured in the first verse that F.T.R represents what we call in modern day, the side man or friend with benefits. This is the guy who is just there to satisfy the sexual needs of the girl. On the other hand the main-guy is the one she is engaged with emotionally and wanting to settle for marriage with. F.T.R definitely strategically picked these artistes based on the value they could add to the song. We needed to hear the girls side from Emilia “Tru North” Mandaza whilst Benson “Chyllur” Chihava gave it that RnB feel that F.T.R wouldn’t have delivered with such excellence though he is song writer.

“I chose her (Tru North) over other potential candidates because upon listening to her music I realized she had the creative scope required to execute the theme; her deep, well thought out lyrics add a new refreshing feminine tone”

Sometimes in order to build anything one has to appreciate the energy given by others. Originally the song is said to have been created for a sound score of a short film in collaboration with an agent and songwriter F.T.R is linked with in the United Kingdom. The original version was was submitted for media placement in the film but he felt he needed to share it with all listeners.

“So I’d say its intended market is the mature adult listener who is conscious of this romantic societal theme and those curious about the mindframe of suitors who find themselves in such a relationship.”

The song has received mixed opinions from Hip-hop fans in Harare. I linked up with just 2 fans for their opinion on the song.

“It’s a nice song but I cannot say I like it it’s too cool for me.” Raymond Sibanda @rayobeats

“Dude, this track is super… the concept should have been Shonarized a bit… as in if they had expressed some parts in Shona vaiwachisa urban grooves…” – Didzaveli @reap3r_263

Well I personally think since F.T.R mentioned it was for a film in the UK, the cool environment and absence of Shona as some fans would’ve loved was not intended. All the same he can still take their two cents as these are his regular listeners.

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