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Free Mixtape Download again in the same week. I guess all those people who were saying that Zim Hip-hop has been quiet have realized that people were actually taking their time to perfect good high end products. Zim Hip-hop is less like Zim Dancehall which produces a large number of songs per day and has been criticized for low quality bedroom quality products by Take Fizzo. (Take Fizzo On Zim Dancehall). Well I promise you this is a high end offering by Aston Hype entitled – Defined Composition. Please download it here before we go any further

With 3 creative directors T.Maruta, T.M. Ditabo and M.Maphanga this is definitely an indication that Aston takes his craft seriously and leaves nothing to chance. You can also look up to features like Kidd Active , Karma,Wardo, Peeto, Brucie B , R.Peels and Cronix. Kidd Active has been doing quite a number of collaborations I must say, because he feuture on Lee Millz – Bata Number and had a brilliant mixtape (view it here) too. It’s amazing how Zim Hip-hop is growing and i’m still in the listening process of this offering but i realized, I had to share it whilst the heat is alive.

We are still in the war to fight the urban grooves paradigm and acceptance of Shona lyricism as equally Hip-hop. Aston manages to collaborate with individuals who blend in such a way that it still preserves its hip-hop title. Young artistes like Aston are on the come up and in a few years time they will have stories to tell and victories to speak of. It begins with your single download and sharing that folder into the next persons flash drive and so forth. That’s how it always happens.

Ashton keep putting in work and mastering your craft.

Please download it here before we go any further


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