Free Lessons From Mother Nature On Seasons

Literature is great, but some of the best information you can ever get is not written in books yet. It may not even be on this blog. Some of the most potent knowledge lies in nature, a petal falling, the wind blowing perhaps, how a bird lives or a 26 year old Goldilocks passing gas after having too much porridge with dovi a morning after waking up in one of the seven dwarves bed.

I am basically saying, nature is a great source of information. It parallels most things. Today I want to talk about seasons and how they change, how they seem to work.

Sunny days are fun, summer is great, beautiful and it’s hot. The ladies wear less, which is of course free eye candy to boys who can’t afford data bundles for soft porn at 3 am. The boys are out with their vests, chests out and they buy more drinks, which is of course an okay deal for girls who have never seen me right? Despite all these perks, when it becomes summer forever we end up in a famine.

It must rain on some days. Is it not the rain that feeds the seed that grows into trees that bear fruit of the juice we drink in summer; the grain, the water that fills the reservoirs for municipal water? Yet if it rained all week we’d end up in floods. It has to rain and stop, make way for sunshine and so forth.

In other words there is a season for everything in life. The Bible said it.  A season for cultivating land, one for planting and watering, and one for harvest, as we plant and anticipate rain we are faced with so many challenges. There is more laundry to do after our clothes become muddy, more investment to make as we buy farming inputs such as seed, labour and pesticides.

More chances for you and your girl to end up needing to hitch a ride from that dude who’s been trying to hit on your girl and systematically offers her the front seat.-Bwahahaha

The rain itself disturbs the course of traffic in cities, television signals while you are trying to concentrate on Mugabe’s State of The Nation address. Luckily in Zimbabwe, rainy season does not stretch to February the 14th. Apparently red clothes and such attract lightning that can shoot you faster than cupid can stick a rusty arrow in your buttocks, just so you can fall in love and have a romantic death from tatenus. Either for that or for target practice. – Good luck attending MDC rallies on a stormy day.

This is a metaphor about life to me.

Seasons change. If you are dating somebody today and they change the way they express their love, it’s not such a bad thing. Even the earth changes and shifts to survive, even your body has made different changes at different stages to accommodate new developments.

Your relationship will not enter new dimensions through monotony. It is a cycle like seasons. Old seasons come back like the clock will always come back to each number it passed before, tick-tock tick-tock.

Misunderstanding seasons can make one even admire or envy what’s happening in another couples season yet they may be in a different season from you. It gets you to compare your career or financial season with other people as well. They may be your age, your friend, brother or sister but you may as well be in different seasons of things.

When it’s cold in London, it’s hot in Zimbabwe and vice versa.

Now one cannot be crying about, “He changed, he does not love me anymore. He used to …”

Neither should a guy expect a girl to remain the same. After the “We’re sprung “ season perhaps of having them daily on profile pictures perhaps the next season favours less PDA (Public Display of Affection). It doesn’t mean at all that the other party has begun to be dodgy or to drift.

See even with the earthly seasons, you must be able to adjust like an Android O/S with rotate screen enabled.

See if you continue wearing muscle tops as the Earth shifts into winter you will catch a cold, you will have problems till you adjust. Thus it may be normal to have challenges and conflicts as you adjust into new financial or relationship seasons. It is really meant to be like that after all.

I know at the time of writing this Zimbabwe was facing large debates and crisis on the economy. The Government introducing the controversial bond note for instance.

It means financially as a country we are entering new seasons and thus new challenges. Challenges are what create opportunities however. What is your next step?

Personally I like to create my own seasons for what I do and thus I was away from blogging and writing articles from 3 months. I divide my seasons into 3 months, relationships, money, career or education. Traditionally I do so.

Even the Earth has four seasons which technically last 3 months each and a pregnant woman carries a baby for 3 trimesters which are technically 3 months each.

In my first 3 months I cultivate the ground, sow the seed and follow through, weeding out anything that tries to compete with my plant before it’s strong enough. I fence my plant because at that stage passersby may trample on it. I protect it, knowing one day it will be a big tree with fruits that will bring seed for other fruit.

That’s a principle of nature. You may choose to adapt it into your daily life. Of course follow or unfollow me on twitter @Mcpotar, I’ll follow back in the right season.


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