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Independent hip-hop is some of the realest and poetic music out there because artistes get to express their true story without interjection from the mainstream. In this review I talk about Riccy , an independent artiste based in the United States of America.  He has an interesting song called Juvenile, produced by Dymon. Dymon did a great job on the beat and Riccy basically did justice to the delivery we needed to hear. (Get His Free Songs Here)

The beat is really bouncy and allows him to kick flows about his reality and the circumstances he faced as a juvenile. The hook talks about how he will never be a witness or snitch on anyone. It hints how he grew up to be a “menace to society”.

“Momma raised a foo’, she aint raised no witness.”

The streets definitely raised him into the grand hustle. His verses talk about how he gets in the street to put in work. But it’s hard to hustle with so many fake brothers around him, still stress will cause him to get up everyday and do what he does. Perhaps he also speaks for the brothers that get up in the kitchen so they can sell ki’s to keep lights on and pay for food. Meanwhile the booth is another kitchen where he can cook up hot songs, get shows and make money. Lyrics are far more than a meal ticket, talent has it’s worth on the market.

He talks a whole lot of other things he’s been through, from bad relationships to him rebuilding himself to become a better person and be strong in these concrete jungles. You can get free downloads of Riccy Riccy’s music on Reverbnation via this link.

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