Free Hip-hop Song Download – Introducing T-One’s – Tiri Two ft. Anonzi Xndr

artworks-000087097767-inqdkt-t500x500Yet another free hip-hop song download, because there is a lot of independent music out there being made by new artistes. Today I showcase T-One who has been working with Xndr’s  Rehab in the lab. He is a very talented rapper, graphic designer and webmaster and this song is entitled Tiri Two. Itt is a radio worthy love song spat in vernacular and that does not make it urban grooves. No, we are in the era where people will accept hip-hop for what it is without thinking that Hip-hop is meant to be in English. You can download the song directly here. But if you would like to stream it you will find the widget below this write up.

Xndr once again offered the song a quality beat and crystal clear sound, besides featuring with a relevant hook. the rapper did justice to his verses and raised the bar for Team Rehab. This is a love story about a guy who is proud to spend time with his girlfriend. He uses his lyricsim and metaphors to compare her to a lot of amazing things and also express his insatiable feelings for her. The hook emphahasizes alone time while the verses give a more vivid description of what the T-One would like to get up to during this alone time. T-One explains the jealousy he sees in haters eyes as he passes by with her sometimes.

I guess T-One in this one was really like, “Hoes over hommies” lol. You know like when a guy quits hanging out with the team just to be with that special girl. If you have ever fallen in love, you surely can relate to this one. T-One worked well on this one and I look forward to hearing his next offering.

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