Free Christian Hip hop Mixtape Download –Wordsmyth – Be Careful God Is Watching

I must express that as a blogger who is a Christian I was glad to know that Wordzmyth is now doing Christian Rap, so when I finally got Wi Fi today I downloaded his Mixtape via soundcloud and also an album by Vhedza. Right now I’m just going to give you an overview of the Wordzmyth Mixtape entitled Be Careful God Is Watching.

Wordzmyth in this mixtape is basically talking about the journey of his spirituality and how it has affected his life in a positive way at the same time alienating him from certain groups that knew a different him. Light of Day manages to tell us who he is and how he got into the art and eventually how he started using it to express his faith. The song has speeches in between verses and thorough delivery that shows his lyrical prowess. The song Taking Over is more on an evangelical note, it talks about spreading the word of Jesus Christ throughout the world and “taking over” every nation, while My Might is a song where he celebrates the power and the joy he has found through worshiping Jesus Christ.

The one song that touched me is She’s Got A Baby. He talks about being in love with a single mother, and how he is going to love her regardless and keep her child like his own. This song brings in a solution to a society which mostly judges single mothers and condemns them for life. The song encourages people not to judge single moms since they may really know nothing about them other than that they have babies. I believe this is one of the most relevant topics discussed here and I am glad Wordzmyth took it up. There are too many half orphans whose living fathers need to be taken to court to for them know that they must take care of their children. I feel society should take his words in this song seriously.

Another song you may find relatable in this mixtape is a song called change with a soulful chorus. He addresses how we have been to church to look for change but have still felt no different. He explains how the friends at church didn’t provide solutions he needed. However the song eventually describes how the LORD can turn around that experience.

The song Hello by Uleny which features Wordzmyth expresses how communication can be used to uplift people around us and be able to help them get through their problems. It expresses the importance of fellowship and communion.

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