Flexxo To Flex Styles At Mixtape Launch

You may have once seen a viral freestyle video years ago with a Manyika accent rapper kicking it for days. That was non other than the Mutare based iconic Flexxo. A rapper who prides in his mother tongue, at this point you must know that the blogger Mcpotar too originates from Mutare. – Boy am I a proud blogger, excellence seems to come from the mountainous Eastern Highlands.

Anyway I am not here to brag about my roots, focusing back to Flexxo. He will be dropping his mixtape Mushawarukwa. Which he said means “The Circle is Complete”.

“Mushawarukwa the mixtape is Flexxo – Mushawarukwa’s 1st album after a long lists of singles. It carries 20tracks on local and international beats. Its like a launch pad of many of his upcoming albums and singles.” – Flexxo said during an online interview.

He collaborated with a range of artistes in this Shona (vernacular project), “Ammara Brown, Teqniq, Psyko
Tek Morset the poet, Legend Francis and many more. The mixtape release is more like a concert than it is an album release with a heavy lineup of seasoned artists like TGonzi, Synik, Munetsi, Mc chita, Elsewhere, Sharky, Kaygee40, Mk47, Temple ex Blackbird, Kritic Igwee, Tulk Munn, Teysean, Tash Mwanawamai ,Noble Stylz and BlacPearl are the emcees for the event, which is backed by Rap City and Magamba network.”

The Wasu emcee added. The event is to happen on Saturday the 14th of May, at The Basement from 12pm. As you can already tell a horde of rappers will be present to make it exciting as Flexxo flexes his delivery.

Songs to watch out for in the project are songs such as Ndakakweiwa, where he talks about being falsely accused of a crime but emerges the winner. A party starter like Paita Mabiko will do well for those who want to headspin, do the Sh’money, borrowdale, Eriza or twerk (depending on their gender and age). Those who intend to twerk to a different beat have Ndiko Ndiko Ndiko as an alternative. Another party starter to show you the circle is complete.

But the album is not all party, it has a poetic deeper feel on some songs. I say go there and love it.



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