Flabb Ashton – Zvangu Zvaita – Christian Hip-hop (@Flabbz_Ashton)

If you haven’t heard of Jesus Positive music and are a fan of local Christian Rap you need to crawl out of that rock, find a tent or a house somewhere. I’m just kidding .

Flabbz Ashton is a young guy around the age 22 who’s been giving us Christian Rap gems for a minute. He started “listening” to rap in 2010, before that he says he was “hearing” it but went on to the gospel Hip-hop path in 2013. Which I think was a positive move. His movement has been named Jesus positive music though I feel he will say , “no the movement belongs to Jesus Christ.”. Which it rightfully does.

In October of 2014 he released a Shona hip-hop Christian song titled Zvangu Zvaita freely. It is downloadable on reverbnation and soundcloud. He says, “After repenting, as long as I have Jesus Christ, as long as I put Him in front to lead the way, I’M GOOD, Zvangu zvinenge Zvaita.”

To him this title is more of a testimonial of how his path in Christianity has helped him. His use of slang particularly target the youth of present day as this is something they can relate to. Flabbz revealed that he uses the sound to capitalize on the attention of the youth to spread the message of Jesus Christ therefore young people who wouldn’t have otherwise listened begin to pay attention to the young guy.

Did I also mention that he is a great performer? I saw him perform with Kudah Runnit during the first edition of Kingdom Artistes Indaba where he shared the stage with people like Courtney Antipas, So Profound, Brythreesixty and J Soldier among other artistes who are trying to make a mark for the gospel through Hip-hop.

“My mother and sister have been very supportive. On the financial side, funds haven’t been coming but with God’s grace all is well. Lately I managed to acquire the services of a manager and he has been helpful both constructively and finances.” – Flabbz Ashton (@Flabbz_Ashton)

In this project he worked with Kudah (on the hook and 2nd verse), Stylez-A (on the last verse) and Benny B. This is pretty much the team he has worked with on his projects such as on the track Mabasa angu. He listens to Courtney Antipas (used to be illceey), Bizzle, Json, Flame, Serge, KB and Lecrae but is inspired only by Jesus Christ.

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