Finally! Someone Gets Your Questions About Faith

For many of us who are born into countries that term themselves “Christian Nations” questions about religion and faith eventually pop up as we grow and try to establish our identity, even questioning if we would like to continue to believe in Christianity and it’s significance.

We Have All Been There

Of course the can be combative mental ping pong as we try to air our questions on beliefs we at childhood took as gospel truth without questioning much. These questions are often brushed off or met with replies that create even bigger questions.  Sometimes we keep them to ourselves for fear of social isolation or the dreadful heretic tag.

I personally have professed Christianity for decades with flip-flops in between the journey and yet a lot of Christian content has simply not touched the issues that put themselves up for debate in the auditorium of my inquisitive mind.

Here’s What Happened

A few weeks ago I was glad to subscribe to a new Christian podcast by Monalisa K. Chishato “Moe” where she explores Biblical verses from her minds eye.

My reactions to content if you know me well are always hard to predict. At the core I listen, I re-listen, I read, I re-read and so I listened when she passed the link. Loved the idea, the format  and the content with a few constructive criticisms. I decided to wait for it to be consistent to talk about it on this platform and with support from fellow Christians the capacity that the conversations on the podcast have can become large enough to influence the growing young Christian.

The content is truly valuable if you are already a Christian, agnostic or just a student of life who wants to extract the significance of Bible teachings and apply them to your life to improve your spiritual well being. there is no bashing or judgmental diction and neither does she purport to be a know it all in the podcast.

It’s in fact a learn it all approach where there are gaps left for dialogue after the show and open-ness to listener suggestions. There is room made to disagree, partially agree and respectfully engage in a fashion that benefits you and the creator of the podcast.

But instead of listening to my propaganda why give the podcast a try by following the link below. I’m sure it has now been distributed to various platforms but I will provide a few links .

Get the podcast here.

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