Finally An Event For Those Who Hate Valentines Day

I’ve always known religious fanatics  to be somewhat Valentine’s Day Grinch’s but well a group of young creative souls have been in this deeper than them. I am informed that on the 12th of February there will be an event known as the F*ck Love Bonfire  at The Avon Restaurant in Avondale , for only $3. The true grinch’s will be out there to hang out with other singles. They can also feel free to throw gifts from ex’s in the bonfire.

Well the burning bit was what I heard about the event in the grape vine. I’m sure no one will be throwing no Gucci bag into a bon fire. She may hate him, but she loves Gucci more.

It’s more about escaping the depression of seeing the “lovey dovey couples” out there that act like they are the first to fall in love. Besides you can’t trust cupid’s arrows these days, maybe they aren’t sterilized.

Flip LoveYou should be getting familiar with Encore Productions, the same team that orchestrated, The Street My Run Way (#TSMR) at the end of last year. They are fast becoming popular for setting trends and new ideas in the events planning industry which I must say is flooded with people who keep doing the same thing.

The idea is divergent!

“I would rather be somewhere were Love is not being shoved in my face every ten seconds, chilling with Single people, divorced people, widowed people and yes all of those who are going to get dumped between Thursday and Saturday , talking about how love screwed us over, dancing to Disappear by Winky and all .” – Says Miss Mona.

Well if you’re going to be there, just make sure you don’t  throw the following presents in the bon-fire:

Perfumes, gun-powder (maybe bae was with Alqaeda), Petrol, Diesel, Parrafin and cash… most of these things are explosive except cash. You are advised to bring the cash to me. (Jokes)

bon fire

I think this is an experimental but very creative event and it would be good to go and be part of that experiment. After-all the first man on the moon was part of that experiment, see not many remember the second man to take up the experiment.

Well while you away partying and running from love you might actually meet the love of your life and that wont be a bad thing. I mean do the math, whoever will be at that event (except the organizers perhaps) has a high likelihood of being single… or they are going through stuff. What an opportunity to find someone single.

For more details contact Miss Mona on +263 77 432 9708, Buhle on +263 77 233 8084.

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