Fighting Demons – (Love Poem By @Mcpotar)

Fighting Demons – Poem By Mcpotar

This is a love poem about an experience the author had with a certain love of his life  at one point in time. It is written in rhyming verses.

The main objective was never lovers being at war,

In fact you’re still the witty pretty girl I saw,

But I treated you like dirt when you loved me more,

Then I tried to be nice when you loved no more,

You told me you can never trust but I do understand,

For the death of our love I see blood on my hands,

Hurt spread inside her body like bacterial strands,

It was kind of too late to be making amends,

She says she won’t talk to me because I made her cry,

Maybe she’ll listen to my songs soon after I die,

Then she’ll know as I lived I repented and tried,

I knelt on the gravel and looked to the sky,

She never believed me, I understand why,

The love I expressed to her at first was a lie,

Now I bet she can’t seem to trust other guys,

I pray she forgives me, consistently rise,

I bleed deep inside with no tears in my eyes,

If we never talk on Earth but see Paradise,

I’ll be glad to meet you and it won’t happen twice,

What I did in the beginning was not really nice,

Now I understand the meaning of a true sacrifice,

The importance of love, now I do realize,

That this life is a journey if we ever arrive,

Put aside all the torture that I gave you alive.

by Mcpotar

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