False Profits By Temple and Courtney Antipas Challenges Modern Churches

The name Black Bird always painted a bad girl image for me. Not that she had said she was one but I guess white supremacy had me thinking black had to do with forces of darkness and so forth. Well Hip-hop emcee (or rather femcee) Black Bird changed her stage name to Temple which is going to get hard to get used to. She has a song with Ill Ceey , who also changed his name to Courtney Antipas.

Scripturally I think we find this when Saul (a Christian persecutor) becomes Paul, a very hard Christian warrior. Logically it helps one dissociate the new Christian image from the old them. The Bible talks of reputation over 32 times making it a very important subject. Reputation sticks and when one repents at a 360 degree level, people may still perceive the old them.

The old name distances them from the deeds they did under their old name. Even Lucifer’s good name (Son of The Morning) was changed to Satan when he defied God. So name changes have always marked a new phase in ones personality.

Both artistes were once in the secular industry and recently Temple (Black Bird) decided to follow Christianity even more seriously. Of course she actually always has been  Christian except she was never tagged as a Christian artiste. In fact the bulk of Zimbabweans are Christians at least. Long introduction but I had to clear off who is who before getting to the article.

Temple has a song titled “False Profits”, which evidently is wordplay on “False Prophets”. The play on words reveals that she is attacking the notorious and controversial “prosperity gospel” which different Christians have different views about. It is a very large topic in the mainstream but few have addressed it lyrically in Hip-hop. The backing vocals here are done by a Lincloln Mandengu.

Both Courtney and Temple talk about how people have been gullible to deceptive preachers who slowly trap them into focusing Earthly wealth and riches as opposed to teaching about salvation and the Kingdom of God. So that this doesn’t come off as their mere opinion they cite and recite certain verses in the Bible that warn of such a time and even go on to say that we are in the last days.

The delivery of lyrics is on point for both parties and it. You can get Temples new song by reaching her on +263775920703.

Watch her interview with Hot263

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