Faceless Expresses Painful Truths About Hiphop

Faceless is a Faceless Kadoma based rap character on Facebook.who touches on a lot of issues. From Politics to Hiphop. He normally attacks systems that marginalize people and is very outspoken though you will barely see picture posts from him.

Few people know his true identity (Though we do). Here are his comments on Zim Hiphop and it’s lack of Growth.

I quote…

” You’all lament why Zim Hip hop isn’t making waves like Zim Dancehall. Well,here is why!

Zim dancehall has and encourages
competition, Zim Hiphop doesn’t have “competition” it has monopolies.

Niggaz curve a niche for themselves and guard it like a territory. A lot of dancehall artists rise from practically
nothing to something because the
genre allows for new players. The
barriers to making it in Zim Dancehall are fewer than those in Zim Hiphop. In Hiphop they will tell you all sorts of
things about quality and connections which Zim Dancehall never talks about. I have heard many brag songs about the City Sports centre event,which shows that many artists were given a chance to show case at the
said event.

Hiphop cats don’t do that. When
someone gets an opportunity it is his and his alone. No one else has to benefit from it.
At the end of the day the game does not grow and artists become big in their little territories. Sometimes they
become too big for their territories and they start to tell you that there is no money in Zim Hiphop so they are
now eying the regional market. Thats some bull shit. Invite new people and open up your closed clubs and you will start to make money. Understand that no matter how small an artist is,
he/she has people who support
them. They maybe his family
members or his friends but he is
bringing something to the table and the few people he brings will also be exposed to your “quality” music and if it is real quality they will like it too!

So in the wake of a lukewarm year for Zim Hiphop allow me to say you boys need us to make it hot. Like we said 2
years back do not be a whale in a
small pond. It soon gets
uncomfortable. The game has to be big before you can be big. And the only way the game can be big is through giving opportunities to many teams and many players.
I hope you boys understand English, because honestly your fame is dwindling and well thats sad.”

Do you think his opinion is on point. Tell us what you think via @Mcpotar

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