Is Facebook The Business :Music industry

Is Facebook The Business :Music industry


Today I question, “Is Facebook the business?” because a lot of us young artists have resorted to spending all day online being unproductive and creating conflict in every forum. We also only make our music available on this internet, but the masses do not have it. I am a big pusher of music online so this bullet will bruise me as much as it will bruise those I am talking about. Many spend their day on thumbs typing hate-waves against others and it surprises me. The difference is that those people they hate on appear online once in a while… They will be busy doing offline physical pushing and when they get online they may be getting good contacts to push them. Before we go any further…. If you already feel shot at by this article (which is not directed to an individual) then it’s probably talking about people like you (otherwise why would it offend you?).

The Problem is…

Hip-hop is a church, and people from my denomination “underground” think people from a different denomination “commercial” are less Holy and should go to hell. People from the “commercial” denomination think all hip-hop is hip-hop (analogous to people who believe all religions are right lol). But however the y think “underground “people are too fanatic. It’s like a judgmental Pentecostal member (underground guy) and a devout Catholic (commercial) battling it out to be relevant. The Pentecostal is so puffed up in his consciousness of scripture that he now thinks those that have fed on little are less worthy in the religion as a whole. As a result the underground guy is now focused on attacking the commercial guy but the commercial guy knows he cannot win this battle lyrically, he focuses on promotion and taking over the masses…. By the time the underground guy gets off Facebook to listen to some radio… the commercial guy is all over radio because he was making media contacts, sending press releases and building strong relationships. That’s where his energy was.

We focus so much energy on other people instead of ourselves. If you see a problem and your brother is not solving it, don’t go and start attacking your brother. You have the solution right? Go and solve it.  All I see because I have befriended a lot of hip-hop artists in my timeline is expert advice about why Stunner is doing it wrong (yet he has gotten endorsements and shows abroad), why he is not hip-hop…. (Because of his content). The boys have been reading too many conspiracy theories, they claim to have thought up what they think about hip-hop themselves but we all know what they believe is hip-hop is defined by KRS-ONE a bit of Immortal Technique and some Dead Prez. We can’t rap about other aspects of life like girls, money, sex… according to them we must all take up the route Nas took. If Hip-hop really is about expression then why do we want to tell people how to express it?

Hate Speech

We are fast grouping into little groups of haters. While the cause we may be hating on may seem to deserve the hate, let’s refocus our energy on positivity. So instead of complaining about what other industry people should’ve done for you or have not done for you or others. Have some time to reflect, self assess, what have you done for others. We have a very self centered industry and the self centeredness begins when we are small that’s why when we get big positions we put or own interests first. We are always complaining about what other people should do… no fix it. If you cannot fix it… then for the same reason you can’t fix it, the rest of Zim hip-hop can’t fix it.

Before you do anything for the industry let’s see it work for you. Be open minded for suggestions and do not take criticism as gun shots. If you do, tough luck.

Self Centered-ness crippling us…

The fact that somebody wants to push a link to his soundcloud with no help from others (self made mentality) proves this. The fact that when he pastes his link into a Facebook group, another artist instead of following his link posts his own link in the comments proves self centeredness. The list goes on; you can invite me to events and pages you have time for that but you have no time to respond to my message. But one day when you need us to vote for some contest you are in you have energy to drop a  “hie” in my inbox “can you please vote for me on star fm”. The same applies on whatsapp, my answer is “NO!”. We need to build relationships from the beginning and not consider other people irrelevant, everyone has something to give. The problem is when you consider certain people more important than others forgetting that, those you consider irrelevant are the majority.

In conclusion

Facebook is not the business, I support everyone hosting real life ciphers out there… I propose a pod-cast we can put in kombi’s look at how judgment yard contributed to the rise in Zim dancehall. Look at how unity makes them stronger. When you start building a s a family the people will appreciate it. I already know Krimz Beatz is onto something that may help the industry . He is a club DJ. Look him up on fb and feel free to get in touch with him. Do what you can to grow Zim Hip-hop. Raaah #Provokatif


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