Fab Johnson Says he Has What Zim Hip-hop Lacks (@fabjohnson4)

Fab Johnson – Mr Johnson (Zim Hip-hop Song Review)

Making his presence felt in Zim Hip-hop, Fab Johnson comes through with his first song of the year titled Mr. Johnson produced by Hitmen. Fab is amember of a Zim Hip-hop trio known as S.O.A (State Of Art) with members like Taz Da Prince, Stunnaman (though I heard Cashbid may join them).

The song has a tiny voice calling him back to Hip-hop. He says it is the voice of Hip-hop herself calling him back to the game to bring the realness that others have failed to bring to the table. That’s the basic concept of the song though am not sure if Hip-hop has a squeaky voice like that lol.

The chorus says, “Dear Mr. Johnson, they’ve been looking for you everywhere and searching for Mr Johnson…”. I believe the use of “they” suggests that it is the fans of Hip-hop that are being referred to here.

“It is really hard to tell that you what the game’s been needing. They’ve been looking everywhere and searching but now you know…” At this point we can assume the fans have either sent Hip-hop to tell Fab Johnson or Hip-hop is the only one that knew that Fab Johnson had what these people were looking for and decided to do them a favour by letting them know.

He showcases his lyrical skills through out by making wordplay and witty metaphors with subjects such as my very own song “Where I belong”, “Begotten” – (Begotten Sun), Super Sub and whole lot of awesomeness.

Get the song here…


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