Excuses You May Give For Failing In Zim Hip-hop


Most independent artists are probably looking for excuses for performing dismally in hip-hop, particularly Zimbabwean Hip-hop. Having been in the industry for long I know the excuses that will work effectively no matter how cliche they look. They have always worked for me.

  • I do it for the love – Yes of course, you are not interested in making profit off your music because you do it for the love. In your opinion those who get paid to do it have sold themselves and sold out the industry. You would rather give that hard earned $50 to the producer dude per track and be happy to upload it freely on the internet. No you don’t care about props either, #eish you’re so humble. You don’t care about shows or any of that stuff. As long as one person is listening… that’s why you’re not worried about 3 downloads over the course of 3 months. Super at least someone clicked.
  • I am underground – So this one is very effective. Though you know that your recordings were made by a substandard dynamic microphone but you’ve been recording for over five years with no radio play and no recognition even underground, you can easily claim that radio will not play you because of your “underground” status. A lot of indies will surely back you up…of course one day when someone invites you to the mainstream you can always act like you didn’t ever say that but for now, tell then you are underground . 
  • Radio is biased – Cry all over Facebook that there is favoritism in radio stations and you will not support it.  You can do this till you make friends with a DJ and also start doing the same thing you have been preaching against. Make multiple posts in Facebook groups on this topic. Other unsuccessful artists will surely come and hail you as you destroy more relationships with influential people in the real industry. Bravo, you’re a genius.
  • Big Papers are haters – Be happy about your interviews and reviews on small WordPress and blog-spot blogs owned by your personal friends.  Like their page and endorse each other. However claim that big newspapers are hating on your success and do not want to see you prosper. After all your friend gave you a rating of 10 out of 10 on their blog… Oh the media is such a hater aren’t they?  Show them!
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