Everyone Works Hard – Winners Work Harder

Okay, I know what you’re always thinking when hard work is talked about, “Don’t work hard, work smart.” Well that’s kind of true but do you even know what that may mean? I mean working harder might actually be what working smart is.


Well everyone in a certain industry who is serious about winning does exert quite a lot of considerable effort to become acceptable or play above entry level. This kind of hard work keeps them winning or earning decently. I mean even many writers are neither good nor bad. They not bad-ass writers however. They work hard.  Winners work harder however.

If in basic practice per day for everyone else does 5hours of work  winners will take one extra hour. Winners will do 6 hours.  In 6 days that extra hour is 6 hours and in 24 days they have had 24 more hours than their competition. Imagine how many extra days of practice they have in 2 years, 3yrs and so forth. In reality by the time your competition tries to catch up with you it will be too late.

This is because people try to catch up with talent when it has already done it. When it has already matured but by the time they actually notice it that talent will be miles away.

I grew up seeing Ernest Mackina take a snapshot of every living thing that inspired him, graduating from 2-mega-pixel phone lenses when we couldn’t afford Nikon’s to the complex lenses he now uses to live an appealing existence. Corporate gigs and globe trotting to Hong Kong.

Not bragging on his behalf but practical examples matter. Otherwise what I am saying may as well be an opinion.

I am not talking about an artistes branding here or the other superficial additives we add on to them after they make the cut. I am speaking of the raw talent you find in Ahsayn Beatmaker, the prowess in Cashbid’s delivery patterns. The mastery of Sharky performances was not built in one day.

When your former favourite rappers fell asleep on a page, he was still writing. Tearing pages, rescripting. Chucking whole rhyme pads into trashcans because average doesn’t cut it if your ambition is winning.

Notice people only kick in to want to brand that talent when it has proven it is worth branding. You can only be an example in this website if you are an example in life. No tea company just takes a leaf and puts it in a pack, pays for printing, packaging and advertising before that leaf is proven to be the tea that will sell in it’s raw state.

By the time you notice these people they are that good… It is already too late. Only underdogs who practice as much or more can catch up. I know there are many examples out there, unmentioned underdogs. Writing, tearing pages, practicing and picking up.

But here are my calls to action.

Stop working in the average lane. An hour maybe a lot depending what you do but add an extra 10 minutes, even 5 minutes to your daily hardwork. If you already work hard. I am not talking about people who don’t work or practice at all here.

Continue working smart too but realize that working hard is also working smart. If there is extra knowledge you must get to make your job easier get as much of it. Just like the hourly rule, go the extra mile.

Here is one big DON’T – 
Don’t do drugs or substance abuse to kick it at that level. You would rather be average than gain the world on drugs.

Everyone is good. People do okay because they work hard, but winners work harder.


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