Dr Clarence Accuses Police Of Destroying Evidence On His Stolen Laptop

I came across news that Dr Clarence’s (The Music And Video Producer) laptop had been stolen during the Easter period. Well being the good law abiding citizen he is Dr Clarence sought help from the ZRP.

However the ZRP took in a few suspects whom they didn’t investigate thoroughly according to Dr Clarence. He was very pissed especially after they released one of the suspects on the basis that he was 17 years old.

“The police did not investigate all
the accomplices so 48 hours came to pass. She (Tracy) is my next door neighbour, another (Amos) is from the street behind and the other two (Amos and Murehwa) are wanted criminals.”

The Zim Dancehall / Hiphop producer is really disappointed at the lack of urgency by the Police and has accused them of letting evidence slip away. He in fact suggested that they may have been working with the thieves. This has not been verified however and may just be his opinion.

“The police destroy evidence and let suspects escape. They actually seem to be working with the thieves and you can’t even trust the police with information on the case. I even saw that one of the police officers had the number of one of the suspects (Tracy) saved on his phone, suggesting they know each other.”

There you have it. It’s Terrible.

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